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  • mngtscrwdup mngtscrwdup Jul 31, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

    who would sell?

    who are the fools that would be selling today? if you sold after the beating of losing 40% in a day on a minor earnings miss based on lowered earnings guidance, then why did you own the stock in the first place? granted, i think management's guidance is BS, they are sandbagging it so they can beat in future quarters, and they should be fired for not caring one iota about shareholders, but, why would you take this hit and sell now?

    aapl sold off 5% on an earnings miss and has gained it all back as of today. prss is no aapl, but this hit was over-blown by any stretch of the imagination.

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    • The guys that sold 1,481,670 shares.

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      • the board of directors needs to give some firm directions to the CEO. cut expenses and hire a new marketing head. stop using "non-GAAP" earnings as an excuse for over-compensating your management and staff. there is no reason why cafepress cant earn 10% net profit on their business model (and I'm not referring to non-GAAP profits) - cafepress gets million in free advertising from Google (SEO), and so they must be wasting money in other areas where they are not being efficient.

        you are selling t-shirt and coffee mugs, so you need to align your costs with the industries in which you compete, not think that your people can get paid what they would make at a truly high-tech company. if you need to move out of san mateo to re-align costs for shareholders, then you need to move.

        it would be better for this company to earn $15-20 million in net profits from $200 million in sales, with a P/E multiple of 15 that would be a market cap of $225-300 million. right now the company is trading at just $80 million above their cash. that is ridiculous and demonstrates that management has no credibility with investors.

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