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  • booyahbuster booyahbuster Aug 13, 2014 10:12 AM Flag

    This stock from the beginning . . .

    was like buying a NEW house and the builder used the absolute cheapest materials. Every time you turn around this NEW house needs something replaced and as you do that , you find the cheap components are connected to even more cheap components that only make you want to get out of this place. Worse yet, you find the house was bought on cheap land that was once a dump so not even the foundation is safe.
    Think this stock PRSS can not go down any further ? It was down 75% from when I bought it to realize, it can. Since I sold it, it went down another 20%. Oh , the pain , I still feel it.

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    • Me too. I lost 80% and still hold the baggage. When I think it has hit the bottom , it juts keeps going even further down. Now the new CEO is going to try for another 2-3 years waste all the money and file for bankruptcy or may be sell lit to some one else. Wither way this stock is not going to go up for another 2-3 years .I'm still furious and kicking myself. Three years and nothing but loss inspite of having nearly 200M revenue.

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      • At $12 I was still understanding . Under $10 , I was annoyed. $8 - #$%$ ! $6 - I raised the white flag and sold somewhat under this. Every once in a while , I look back to see if they ever got some traction. This trade has soured me to IPOs .
        How would we know ? One would think at this low price that there should be a bottom . Somehow it just seems like there is ONE BOTTOM and that would be ZERO. I hope not for those who remain but they have got to have a flawed business model. The cost of selling what they have is greater than the price they charge. Has anyone there considered raising the price of the product across the board ?

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