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  • pieterpaulclo pieterpaulclo Sep 30, 1999 7:35 PM Flag

    This is hot

    Consider OTCBB:PRMR excellent company and rumors about big news.
    Good luck with rnbo

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    • I appreciate the input. Analogish, sleep well. Will wake you when RNBO hits 25....

    • You are correct to state that a growth engine for
      Rainbow is the cryptoswift / netswift product line.
      However the real growth engine is the new business unit
      called Spectria (See press release dated 11/10/99).
      Rainbow is trying to do a fundamental change in its
      business and is apparently banking on this new unit to
      drive revenue growth. The cryptoswift and netswift
      products are part of this product offering, as these two
      areas seem to have nice synergy in terms of a common
      customer base. Couple this with a possible de-emphasis on
      anti -piracy theme and you have a whole new definition
      for what Rainbow is and does. Hopefully they will be
      able to sell this message to the investment community.

    • One or two posts over the last couple weeks and
      then this. Wow. Isn't hardware encryption (cryptoswift
      etc.) the high growth engine rpopelling Rainbow these
      days? Does alladin compete in this area?

      Now let
      me get back to sleep!!!

    • What a joke! The USA subsidizes the Israeli
      military,trains Israeli technical personnel in the USA and the
      Israelis go back to Israel and steal the secrets. Then
      they sell the technology to the Chinese as reported in
      the press today. This is common knowledge among
      military contractors in the USA. I wouldn't put $.05 into
      an Israeli company, not least because of the dubious
      accounting mentioned by another poster.

    • thank you for the posts! they're informative!
      You seem to know your products and companies well.

    • Byron

      You bring up valid points about the
      growth of Aladdin. Remember that when there is a #1 and
      no clear #2 for a long time, when a clear #2
      emerges, people love a choice. Does Rainbow management
      WANT their anti-piracy business to grow?? great
      question. If you compare financials, you will see that
      Aladdin and Rainbow appx spend the same amount of gross $
      on advertising, yet Rainbow is almost 3x the size
      with 3 different product segments to worry about. This
      is a real testament to a focused growth strategy
      which over the past four years Aladdin has had and
      Rainbow has not, for whatever reason. However, this
      growth was not accomplished via better technology. Don't
      attempt to argue this last point buy quoting those
      worthless NSTL reports either. NSTL is a for PROFIT
      business that will test anything against anything based on
      whatever criteria the buyer wants. I am sure that I could
      have them produce a report that proclaims a head of
      broccoli will propel us to the moon if I had enough

      The real trick for each of these senior management
      teams is to show us the next growth engine for their
      respective firms.

      "Do your homework before you make
      an ASS out of yourself" (Referring to your previous

    • Rainbow has actually had several splits as well.
      The bottom line is the software protection market via
      hardware keys or a software license manager will never
      combine to more than a $200mm/yr market. Nice little
      segment, but not one that Analysts get excited

      As far as the SentinelLM customer base is concerned,
      Annual reports don't say much and their terrible PR
      machine doesn't help either. A great proxy for the size
      of the software licensing market via software
      protection is a privately held company called Globetrotter
      ( based in San Jose. They bill themselves as the
      "de facto standard" and have an impressive and vast
      list of clients, but insiders say that annual revenues
      may only reach $8-10mm/yr. Based on this information,
      I wouldn't be surprised to see Rainbow's LM at less
      than half that. Don't expect Aladdin's privelage to
      set any revenue records, the truth is, software
      license managers while appearing to be simple, encounter
      an incredibly long sales and implementation

      As far as the eToken is concerned, Aladdin announced
      the product at the RSA99 show, Jan of 1999, literally
      hours after Rainbow made their iKey announcement. Right
      after the show I ordered sdk's from both Rainbow and
      Aladdin. Rainbow's came within two weeks, Aladdins didn't
      arrive until the middle of September. Only recently has
      Aladdin been able to ship SDK's. At the RSA show the
      Aladdin was touting digital signature storage capability
      of their eToken, but their strange definition was
      that of an actual signature scanned into a computer
      and stored on the token. What idiots!

      If you
      examine the eToken a little more closely you will see
      that yes it can store a digital cert (unsecurely in
      EEPROM memory) Don't bet the farm on those USB tokens,
      just yet.

      Once again, not alot of news about
      iKey sales. Rainbow has three solid iKey partners in
      I/O, Aventail and EZLock. These products are available
      today. Aladdin lists Ashley Laurent, Ailiroo, and some
      other firm. None of these products are available
      commercially, and representatives of Aladdin are unable to
      provide an exact delivery date, as

      Therefore I once again place my money on Rainbow.

    • RNBO's stock price since it's '89 debut of 7 is now at 18. (Not impressive)
      ALDN's went from 7 in '93 to 10 currently.
      (Maybe we should all leave for other companies???)

    • a lively discussion here. Should be good for
      educational purposes. Indeed, you've enjoyed a nice stock
      price move as of late.Alladin has too. Actually had a 2
      for 3 split some time ago.
      Being based in Israel
      is a handicap, no question, and should be taken in
      to consideration.
      ALDN's eToken does not hold
      digital certificate storage? I think you're wrong.
      many customers for SentinelLM and what are the sales
      for that product?
      Same Question for ikey?

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