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  • goldsmith99 goldsmith99 Aug 11, 1998 12:36 AM Flag



    WIRE)--Aug. 10, 1998--Paradigm Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:PRDM -
    news) announced
    that it had convened and then
    adjourned its Annual Stockholders Meeting until Aug. 25,
    1998 to allow time to receive
    stockholder votes on the proposals relating to the merger
    agreement with IXYS Corporation.

    The adjourned
    meeting will be reconvened at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight
    Time on Aug. 25, 1998 at company headquarters,
    Tasman Drive, Milpitas, CA.

    Paradigm mailed
    proxy materials in connection with the Annual
    Stockholders Meeting to all stockholders of record
    Paradigm Common Stock as of the close of business on June
    19, 1998. Shareholders who have not yet cast their
    votes will
    receive another set of proxy forms mailed
    to them in case they have misplaced the original

    The vote of every single Common
    Stockholder who held shares on June 19, 1998 is urgently
    needed to accomplish these
    measures. Even common
    shareholders who have since sold their shares still need to
    vote on these measures if they held the
    stock on
    June 19, 1998.

    The holders of Paradigm
    Preferred Stock are entitled to vote only those shares of
    Paradigm Common Stock held by such
    stockholder as of
    the close of business on June 19, 1998.

    Management urges all stockholders to cast their vote by
    returning their proxy or to cast their ballot by telephone
    via a toll free
    number or by internet, if that
    stockholder's voting instruction form permits casting ballots
    in such a manner.

    My $3000.00 is worthless
    seem they really want my few votes lettem make it
    worth my while.

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    • Since none of you are going to vote (I did)
      management has been forced to find buyers, who will vote.
      Not voting is saying "take the company from me" It's
      like not voting in an election and then complaining
      about the person who is elected.

      You need to
      vote. You can vote no. However study your decision
      because after watching this stock and many others it is
      my opinion that a no vote is the death of this
      company and your investment.

      Best regards.

      • 4 Replies to diamondmanflys
      • we'll sell and vote anything they want. Common
        a 16-1 reverse??? that sure smells like a rotting
        body to me.
        so I'm going to make sure they smell
        it for a long time.

        And in fact I'm going to
        call them tomorrow.....and lay out
        the terms for
        our vote's $2 $3 $4 you tell me folks. Other than
        that, I'm gonna tell them to go fu*k themselves. It
        will cost them millions, instead of thousands by
        raising market share.
        Oh, all their plans for (their)
        great future, will go down
        the tubes.......So WAKE
        UP prdm/ixys!!! you've got till the
        25th to make
        the proper decision. Prepare for my rath
        I can Bite that $22 grand and still afford an
        .....the Italians would be cheaper.
        (hope my wife
        doesn't see that comment either)
        WHERE'S X52X THE


      • I'm sorry but voting no is the same as not
        voting. They are only looking for yes votes. My small
        investment is now worth more as a total loss than getting
        back a few penny's. Someone wants' my votes let'em
        make if worth my while.

      • APARENTLY the co is sticking with the june 19
        theme. The only reason fo the co to buy is to fight a
        takeover if This merger fails. I dont belive there is
        anyone IN the co left that wants to fight anything.
        Ihate to do a flip flop after all of his crazy posts
        but looks like twoteeth may have the right strategy.
        Because I belive there is someone that wants this co. Why
        anyone would want it except for the listing. maybe. I
        will repeat one final time whom ever is buying owned
        at the 5 percent of the stock as of the end of march
        98. ANDthat person is not the co or anyone in or who
        have exited management. To bad this did not happen
        before the ixys thing went so far. You may have been
        walking in high clover.

      • My $3k+ investment is worth less than schwabs
        minimum commission on the net. It's dead, why should i
        care if the company dies? I think they lied when they
        said their "high value added" SRAMS would not be
        subject to commodity pricing. That was right before the
        bottom fell out.

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