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  • expert.short expert.short Dec 12, 2012 11:51 PM Flag

    CT filing today - how low it will fall tomorrow? looks like bad trial results? delay also explains it

    hence the ct filing?

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    • LOL...silly shorts. If anything the CT is to prevent competitive pharma's from copying Amicus's Pharmacological Chaperone Technology after successful Phase II AT-2220 AND Phase III Migalastat data.

      Prepare to be seriously butt-hurt when the data is released on the 19th and the PPS doubles overnight. Then goes even higher when talk about a GSK takeover heats up.

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      • It's issued by the Divisions of Corporation Finance and Investment Management, not anything to do with medical trial. They would have to publicly disclose any problem with the trial, so obviously is something to do with financial information. Here's a definition from Investopedia:
        "For example, a company may apply for such an order to keep information regarding a pricing arrangement made with a partner, secret, since competitors finding out this information may go after the partner with a more competitive price."
        Sounds more like keeping secret a buy-out price!

      • Difference is that --- on "rare diseases" and with FOLD's chaperone platform... unlike HGSI's Lupus drug (for basically just lupus) which GSK, being a partner (like it is for FOLD's Fabry) --- if it works for Fabry, THIS TIME AND FROM NOW ON .... it will also likely work (now that they have better tweaking power, gene mutation information, powerful computational algorithms on molecular entities, etc) for ..... Pompe and MANY OTHER closely related Lysosomal Storage Disorders: Gaucher, Hurler, Metachormatic Leukodystrophy, Sanfilippo A, Hunter, Krabbe, Pompe, Morquio, Cystinosis, Tay-Sachs, etc.

        Yes, their Gaucher endeavor, of 2009, didn't work out well enough. But 3-5 years ago (when the patients were being recruited of these LSDs), ubiquitous, HIGH THROUGHPUT, genetic mutation analysis and information was NOT readily available. Especially for small, hand-to-mouth companies.....

        Now, the various technologies (that carry out algorithms to gene mutational analysis) are hundreds of times CHEAPER, faster, and more accurate.

        Investors KNEW the reason GSK partnered up with HGSI was that the giant wanted the LUPUS drug.

        We also know now that it's the same with FOLD: the giant also wanted the CHAPERONE platform for Fabry, Pompe, Gaucher, Parkinson, etc.

        If GSK had wanted enzyme replacement therapy (ERTs), the giant would have partnered up with, say, Protalix (whose ERT for Fabry, Phase I/II, is based on a plant-cell platform, as opposed to Shire and Genzyme's animal-cell platforms... but essentially the three are all ERT programs; after all, PFE bought Protalix's successful Gaucher's drug, recently approved by the FDA, part of Protalix's plant-cell technology platform)...

        An oral pill and the using of CHAPERONEs are just easier and more tweakable, for sub-sets of gene mutational on the various rare diseases... compared to ERTs, that is...

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