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  • angiella22 angiella22 Dec 19, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    Stock NOT halted. Here's link to current data on halted stocks...can't believe "expertshort/bear" is

    risking serious, legal consequences by these blatant, manipulative lies. Am forwarding all his recent posts to the sec. They have a section specifically dedicated to stock manipulation on message boards.

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    • Sometimes you "long" people make me laugh more and louder than the "shorts".

      I mean, seriously, how difficult is it to put them on ignore? They are just entertaining themselves, just like we "longs" do... they don't know any more than we do; hell, most of these shorts are just using their mother's internete acess from the basement; they likely don't even trade at all... just posting #$%$ to annoy the variosu posters in different yahoo messsage boards...

      Seriously, if you have done your DD, who cares what some idiots say about FOLD or any other stock you are long on?

      Unlike y'all, if I am long on a stock, I LOVE my short companions. I buy very selectively, after some good hours -- sometimes having followed a stock for days, weeks or months --- before I buy it, so I love these zero-sum head/financial games: it's either the short or me... I know RANDOMLY the statistics are on the shorts side, since MOST biotech/drug fail... but that's why we need to do our DD carefully and buy ONLY when we feel comfortable...

      Once I buy a stock, I welcome all the shorts... I said the same thing, 2-3 weeks in ACAD before the pivotal Phase III data release...

      After having done some good hours of readings on FOLD the last a couple weeks and having entered it since last week, I welcome all the shorts... I FEEL that FOLD has an extremely high PROBABILITY --- it is never "100%" but very high probability --- that FOLD and GSK will have a very good Christmas on their CHAPERONE for Fabry, Orphan in both the USA and Europe for the REASON that it is a NEW APPROACH, like the ERTs Genzyme, Shire, PFE, etc. have...

      If my reading and DD are not good and FOLD folds, surely it is my damn fault, not the shorts' fault!

    • "expert" is an idiot that is working overtime bashing this stock because he knows news will be out soon. the funny thing is that there aren't many people on this board so as a whole, we don't own that many shares where if we actually all did sell based on his bashing, would cause the stock to tumble. of course no one listens to him anyway so he is really just wasting his time. if we get good data and the stock goes higher, he will either disappear or create a new alias

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