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  • zwerp2000 zwerp2000 Dec 19, 2012 5:43 PM Flag

    Grasping at straws but.....

    could a buyout be coming soon? gsk owns a big portion of the company already and bought shares at higher levels. gsk/fold determined to move forward with these trials. fold is now very cheap, especially with all of the cash they have (over $100 million). maybe gsk buys them out now

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    • The company needs some time to understand the Phase III data before talking to analysts & investors.

      Question 3rd qtr CC.

      "So, where the study could go wrong, obviously you could have some variability in the biopsies and where the samples are taken and how they are read. However, when we have been through this with lots of folks with ourselves a lot as well, but we’ve controlled for that as best we can."

      The secondary endpoints will clearly shows the drug works so the problem relies in using the tissue biopsies at 6 months. "pre-specified secondary analysis assessing the absolute percent change in kidney interstitial capillary GL-3 from baseline to month 6 was performed. Taken alone this analysis showed a median reduction of 41% in the migalastat HCl group versus a median reduction of 6% in the placebo group (p=0.093)."

      Just hold on & add if you've got some extra coin & you'll be fine in a few months or less. The market is taking advantage of the uninformed.

    • hey z, i'm stuck, not a lot but stuck; just reading looks like it all rides on 12 mth data in feb; i'm holding till then, might buy a few to avg down; if you think we're stuck, gsk is holding a huge bag; if you bought shrs at their level and now the stock is trading at a 60% discount, why wouldn't gks avg down too if they have any confidence in the science and fold

      i'm holding for 12 mth data with the kicker that gsk might just buyout fold before then

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • same here v. i owned shares but not too many where i would get crushed tomorrow. still disappointing. the placebo affect was ridiculous. i still think the 12 month data could be good. overall, the drug seems to work if not for some ridiculous placebo numbers. my feeling is that since people get sicker you will see more of an affect from the drug and less of a placebo affect. therefore, the 12 month data could be pretty good. the company also has over $100 million in the bank so by tomorrow, it could be trading at cash value. gsk owns a big chunk of the company as do other institutions. gsk seems to want to move forward with this program. i would think it makes sense for gsk to just buy fold out now since it's so cheap. i always felt that is why they owned so many shares. although they probably won't have to pay $12+ given todays results, why not buy fold for $8/share which would include the $100 million in the bank plus their pipeline which is pretty decent.

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