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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Aug 7, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    Head for the hills

    Major miss on EPS.

    The moment you read the announcement and see that nowhere in the discussion was earnings or EPS even mentioned, you know that management doesn't want to say it.

    This makes 5 straight quarters (at least) where the company has missed the analyst estimate by a very wide margin.

    Having come in at only 10 cents per share this past quarter, my gut tells me that FY2014 will be in the red.

    I'm going away and don't intend to be buying RLOG shares for the next 9 months (at least) unless I see significant insider purchases.

    joe - If you figure out the new trading range and can buy on the dips and sell on the spikes more power to you - I don't want to play that game here any longer.

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    • I'm listening to the call replay and there's really nothing to get excited about at all.

      There's no reason to buy/hold shares now - best to come back in November/December when tax loss selling kicks in. Everything management indicated is that there will be no bounceback until the 2014 season. They are hauling lower margin tonnage this season and that's not going to change. My belief is that the remaining quarters this year will likely be down compared to last year as a result.

      I have no idea what a reasonable purchase price for the stock would be, but I don't think it's $5.

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      • o08o:
        I agree with everthing you say with this microcap RLOG. Earnings never positive the last several quarters as stock price is stuck at lows.

        RLOG came to my attention in 2012 through a publication called Wall Street Window when price was over 7 and large inside purchase and high volume. You won't see that now.

        I'm a bottom fisher: buy on the lows and sell on a dead-cat bounce. But sometimes, pray and hold out management can move the stock higher with better earnings. In this case, maybe RLOG can go over 6.00. Won't be anytime soon, though, as it must get over 5 first.

        Bought some at 5.03, some today at 4.84; if market corrects, RLOG can go to around 4.30-4.50 range.

        RLOG has some value out there, maybe for anothe company to purchase at a low-ball figure.

        Got a couple of RLOG depressed stock in RLH and CVV which have had a hard time moving higher as general market gone up. Not asking to hit a home run with these.


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