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  • midasrahodeb midasrahodeb Feb 25, 2011 1:09 PM Flag

    It's About to Break Loose . . .

    Watch and see . . .

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    • 1. New Satellite Constellation ....Not Yet! Just six and so the others are not guaranteed. Plus they will need to finance more as this is only 32 sats to start. Likely will happen but a lot can go wrong. Did you know they almost lost the first six as the beacons were overloading the TTC equipment and they could not differentiate the flight models, one from another? Also, this new constellation comes with a big price tag. One they need to start repaying later this year and they don't have any money to do so. They will need an extension from Coface (not good) Plus they don't have approval to use the new six in NA!!!

      2. SPOT...Spot has saved their bacon when the constellation went simplex due to the 'S' band anomaly. But look at the numbers. Spot is a nice side revenue center...but its barely making money.

      3. MSS Core Business. Aside from simplex...there is no core business. Maybe later this year revenues from duplex will start rolling...IF they get FCC approval and the launches all go ok. IF NOT it could go to ZERO!

      4. Conumber Retail Business...?...You mean consumer...see spot post. The big money is in commercial duplex services.

      5. Global Spectrum Initiative(s) Very unlikely in the short & medium term, Not likely in the long term if FCC doesn't ungate BigLeo ATC bands. Here's a tip...the FCC has only shown that it will only screw ATC ungating is NOT going to happen under the current FFC leadership. Go review Open Range.

      6. Anticipated Alliance(s) No ATC relief = No alliances

      and what so many have been waiting for (or fearing, as the case may be):

      6. THE PENDING FCC RESPONSE. I don't need an FCC response. These guys have made it abundantly clear and have already chosen the winners and GSAT was not amongst them.

      *Either way, a door opens, leading to financial gratification. That's a big leap my friend.

    • 1. New Satellite Constellation
      2. SPOT
      3. MSS Core Business
      4. Conumber Retail Business
      5. Global Spectrum Initiative(s)
      6. Anticipated Alliance(s)

      and what so many have been waiting for (or fearing, as the case may be):


      *Either way, a door opens, leading to financial gratification.

    • If you're using faith for stock picking...your in real trouble.

      Instead of all these pumping posts, why don't you tell us why you think its going to go up. By that I mean something that has concrete info to backup your claims.

      Without FCC approval of the NA gateways...this stock could ultimately go to zero. I don't think its going to happen...more like the FCC will drag their heals until GSAT bleeds $ to death. I'm not sure how much longer they can hold on...a few months to a year? Then they'll be too weak financially to fight back. Institutions will continue to lose their patience and reduce. I can't really see this stock having much of a chance to go up in the coming months. I'll be more than happy if you use this against me in the later part of the year. I'd like to be wrong...but I fear I wont.

    • Oh ye of little faith! : )

    • I assume you mean to the downside. That's the only direction GSAT seems to get right. I wouldn't touch this stock--government wants IRDM and others to dominate this space.

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