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  • scout_zi scout_zi Feb 6, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    “Artificial” down pressure on GSAT?

    New to trading, I know nothing. Been watching GSAT for 5 months or so. Made some money from buying around .30 and selling around .40. I noticed a trend, and it was easier to track when stock was listed because I could use level two streaming quotes. So, I noticed a trend for months that picks up heavily around .36 cents or so and intensifies as stock price goes up. I see as little as 100 share being sold (for example $40 worth at .40 cents) of stock below 1 cent of ask or so lower from upper resistance of the day, specially if trading is slow or moving sideways. Then again small sale of 1 cent lower the previous and then lower again. Sometimes it triggers little sell-off, from 2 to 5 cents. (sometimes more if DJIA is down) I believe that sometimes it has negative effect on growth and set's up precedence for harder upper resistance. When I had streaming quotes I could tell that lower ask and bid prices come from same exchange.

    I don't know much and want a ur opinion. Is it possible someone short sold and now was trying to put down stock so they could buy lover to cover sale. For example, today before closing. 874 share from “orange” exchange (London?) at 0.48 cents at 15:51:16 and then again 15:51:16... I'm paranoid or what I need to know? Stock was strong at the end at 0.50 with good buys and two big sales (150K of share) around 13:40. (1:40 pm) DJIA is up 7 from opening and looks like tomorrow it will spike below 14K with 10 points up at closing. Gsat should follow, plus “the good news” should reach new long term privet investors. So I think “put downs” like that is not a correction but “trip ups” What you think? Educate me:)

    F.Y.I. My excuse for bad english is that i'm russian.

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    • scout

      your english is pretty good (better than that of the guy doing the translating for roscosmos)

      there's more shares short here than the numbers tell you because merrill lynch did a share borrowing agreement 5 years ago so they're playing with approximately 18 million

      the 5 year deal with them boys comes due this April so hopefully they'll settle up and go away

      in the meantime this is a good trading stock

      the majority owner has his entire stake in common stock so if they went bankrupt everything would go to the french financing people

      so come hell or high water they won't go bankrupt

      we got some irons in the fire that have likely been contingent on today's launch having been a success

      i expect there's some financing that'll show up out of the blue soon

      and the fcc is more likely to move forward now in opening up GSAT's 16.5 MHz of s-band spectrum for terrestrial monetization

      also the voice quality of their satellite phones is recognized as the best in the world

      so there's a lot of reasons for the stock to bounce and not much chance that you could lose everything

      just buy low and sell high

      good luck

    • Without getting into details I think you should consider the bigger picture. All trades today amount to just over $400,000. And this is on an historic day for Globalstar! In other words, what seems to be happening is that there is no "upward pressure". Nobody buying except us!!

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      • thank you for taking time reply. i was just thinking that "trip ups" are having bigger effect because how risky gsat and heavy volatility of the stock. you right, average 100 day is volume 600k. IRIDIUM is about same volume and around $7 but sheet is all green.

      • I wouldn't call this a historic day for GSAT. I have been watching and involved with GSAT for 15 years and this is just a good day in in a long and difficult road to profitability. I am happy/relieved that all six birds are up and captured, but testing and orbiting is still required. So when that's done and we are back to full duplex, that will be a feat, as its been a long road since we first heard of the 'S'-band anomaly and the subsequent slow demise of the gen 1 flight models.

        For any meaningful upward movement we need to see duplex customers return in a significant way, funding for the next 6 birds, the gateways and some new terminals in the works. To really get some share appreciation, we will need a much clearer view of what ATC could bring. At this point it I don't give it much value.

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