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  • j.coolaid j.coolaid Apr 2, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    How many GSAT shares do you own PCTEL?

    or is it a "heads I win, tails you lose" situation where you are always the WINNER as Charlie might say...Don't really care, but why do you post and trash IRDM on that board.???.Make ya feel better ? I find it pathetic myself..100 of millions net worth with your owner..Maybe built like a house of cards for all you know as to "net worth"...All depends on the foundation.....

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    • always my hope that GSAT and IRDM both do fine myself ...One does not need to trash talk and hope for others demise for their own investments to do well..Seems a character flaw to me..

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      • maybe PC is selling some today with stock down near 10% on 800k traded so far......31 cents now..worth noting that IRDM seems to be getting a bit of traction this past week..down a tad today, but overall "some traction"...Only need to mention with PC's attempt to commonly trash IRDM while GSAT issues seem far MORE precarious..Think PC once owned a couple million GSAT "if" my memory is correct.......would not even be posting such on this board if HE were not showing up every now and then on Irdm's .....just.keeping the record straight

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