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  • instocks4 instocks4 Sep 9, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    Truly An Impressive Day.....Our days of a sub $1.00 share price may be coming to an end!

    After today, I'm convinced that with FCC approval the share price of our little company will blow past $1.00 in 1 trading day's time. I would never have made such a bold statement yesterday.....

    I see a $6.00 stock trading for .84 cents....... I don't get it.....

    What a day!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • My Take on Today.

      FCC announcement tells me that they are OK with the NPRM and wants the board to vote (read approve). Good news indeed. I believe many are waiting on the sidelines for a decision to jump in. Many did, potentially much more will if a positive vote comes.

      The Amazon smartphone thing is interesting. There has been some predictions here that were almost completely fiction. But Amazon is a little different if they decide to jump into the Smartphone market. With the Kindle (fire), they decided to place themselves towards the bottom of the tablet market. The appitite for smartphones that do everything and cost $1k is waning as iPhone sales prove with the "Good enough" shopper mentality. With the 2nd Kindle they rolled it out with FREE GPRS capability worldwide (with a few exceptions like Canada and Costa Rica). So it could be possible that they rollout a cheap smartphone with VoIP over wifi when available, a premium Wifi to give the ability of voice grade quality over GSTAR TLPS and a 3/4G at a cheap rate over existing carriers at bulk rates. Perhaps even exchange GSAT spectrum use for ubiquitous carrier coverage as they could not sustain it with GSAT ATC 4G spectrum alone. The trick to make this work is signalling and I'm not sure they cam make that seamless just yet. Heck even throw in a simplex chip for SPOT!

      Remember, there is no basis for what I'm writing, except for an educated guess.

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