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  • thefort4 thefort4 Oct 17, 2013 11:10 AM Flag

    Load up?

    For those of you who have been following this company and it's goings on is it time to load up? If so how high do you see it going and how quickly? Thanks for any input.

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    • Walking thru the breakroom (2007) , I stopped suddenly to watch a cnn blirb on SPOT. This device sounded awesome. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Bought some shares and watched it tumble. But the hairs said hold. years article in Popular Science caught my eye. Thanks to the members of this board, the pieces have come together. For 5 years I've been interested in this company. First for PPS...but now I pray for the diamond in the rough. Jay is shining it up nicly....Here is the article that conviced me to start getting a strong position -
      With New Standard, Wi-Fi Could Become As Widespread As Cellular: By Stewart Wolpin Posted 02.23.2012
      In late 2010, Verizon rolled out its 4G LTE network, which offers data speeds 10 times as fast as 3G networks. But as mobile data traffic continues to grow—experts anticipate that it will increase 26-fold in the next three years—it's unlikely that any network will be able to keep up. Fortunately, something else is set to happen over the next three years: Wi-Fi could become as ubiquitous and easy to access as cellular is now.

      Wi-Fi is up to 15 times as fast as LTE, but at this point it's an unrealistic substitute for cell service. Connecting is not a standard process. Users need to log into access points individually, enter passwords, and go through other credentialing rigmarole. And range is limited; once logged in, a user can't wander more than a few hundred feet from an indoor router. But such limitations will soon be gone.

      Later this year, the Wi-Fi Alliance, a consortium that oversees Wi-Fi certification and testing, will release the Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint standard to automate logins. Based on the IEEE 802.11u protocol, Passpoint will allow devices to identify preferred hotspots, connect to them, enter passwords, and authenticate security credentials—all automatically. Users may be able to add Passpoint access to their cellphone plans or sign up for standalone service through another provider, such

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      • So what you are saying is that your neck hairs were wrong and spot doesn't make enough money to pay for the network that is required to support it. But unknown to you at the time, GSAT had frequencies that could be ungated for terrestrial use only, potentially worth billions! It's like saying..."I was walking on the sidewalk one day and found a big winner lottery ticket just lying there on the ground! So now you invest in quality sidewalk cement companies!?!?!

      • as Boingo, a company that serves 400,000 hotspots at locations like malls and restaurants. When users with Passpoint walk into a coffee shop or arrive at an airport, their phones will automatically connect with the network.

        Wi-Fi's range is also set to increase significantly. In December, the Federal Communications Commission announced a plan to transition unused over-the-air wireless bands into Super Wi-Fi. Unlike today's Wi-Fi, which uses the 2.5-gigahertz and 5-gigahertz bands, Super Wi-Fi's low frequencies (from 470 to 698 megahertz) have longer wavelengths that travel farther and penetrate walls. An indoor hotspot with a 40-milliwatt transmitter will quadruple the range of standard Wi-Fi, and an outdoor four-watt commercial transmitter could create a hotspot that extends two or three miles in a dense city, or up to 40 miles in an open plain.

        Super Wi-Fi field tests are already under way in four U.S. towns. In Claudville, Virginia, for example, public-school students and local businesses in the 25-square-mile community have free access to high-speed broadband. The first Super Wi-Fi gear, including dual-mode Wi-Fi/Super Wi-Fi routers, will most likely arrive by 2014. Mobile manufacturers may begin installing Super Wi-Fi chips in devices late next year, and will release dongles that will upgrade older products.

        In a Passpoint and Super Wi-Fi world, a user within a short drive of a city or town could have instant, ultrafast Internet access without having to rely on cellular service. Business travelers could use their laptops without cellular USB dongles, tablets wouldn't need power-hungry 3G and 4G radios, and a Skype account could practically replace a phone line. At the very least, Wi-Fi could absorb a lot of the data poised to choke networks, leaving phones to fulfill their primary purpose: making calls

    • thefort4 - This company has had its ups and downs for many years so as with any stock it would be good to do your own homework personally. I would be pro bias because I been long for many years and have lots of patience .Sometimes It works for me and sometimes I lose but I don't believe what I see on post to be my deciding factor to invest. Old saying "Give the man a Fish and feed him for the day " Teach a man to Fish feed him for life" Good Luck !

    • thefort4, stand your ground here. There is no shame in being a beginner - but there is a pathetic quality to other stock traders who feel they have to attempt to belittle a young person asking a decent beginners' question. These guys use the anonymity of the internet to give you a hard time, something they would be afraid - or too cautious - to do in a bar if they met you face to face.
      I'm over 60 and have no expertise here, but do want to help develop a partial answer to your question. The technology this company is set up to exploit could easily lead to a buildout of system with many paying customers. I believe they have a unique market niche. Do some research, starting at the company's website and also use the internet. Hopefully others here will give you a decent detailed answer to your question without the post-adolescent snark.

    • thefort41 post | Last Activity: 1 hour 46 minutes ago Member since: Oct 17, 2013

      Happy Birthday!!!!

      Might I suggest you take a pilot position, say 1,000 shares now.

      Then, upon news of the FCC release, just buy another 100,000 shares. I suggest that if the price is $1.XZ when the news is announced (following a noticeable pickup in volume and price minutes before release), you put in your buy 100,000 shares at say $1.XX + .05. Do not get greedy.

      You will probably experience a very "fast" market.

      This baby will run and probably go parabolic.

      Expect it to drive past $X.XX easy.

      Figure out what it takes to list on the NYSE, and expect it to blow past that.

      Hope that helps Newbie!

      Are you going to post technical analysis to stress the longs?


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