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  • bobo21029 bobo21029 Aug 29, 2002 3:36 PM Flag

    Cheney's on T.V. now......

    <<It makes me wonder ... why the urgency now?>>

    ......from what the VP says it sounds like they found something in the caves that deeply disturbed them...something really terrible that needs to be adressed asap....he keeps reiterating that "time is not on our side"....I take Cheney at his word.

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    • There's really nothing to be gained by waiting to attack Iraq and everything to lose. The Europeans oppose our plans, but they aren't the ones who will face the first nuke assault once Saddam gets his hands on one. Appeasement simply never works. One would think the Europeans would know that given the history of WWII. Perhaps there aren't enough people living anymore with memories of Neville Chamberlain.

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      • Morning,Web!
        NO-it is the oposite....Europe allready pays a HUGE price due to that american "loud-thinking" does the whole world!!Why?
        Well look at the oilprice within the last 4 weeks!!
        And/but:there are MANY people in Europe that took part in that Ww2...thousands of complete cities were destroyed by british and american planes....THEY RERALLY know what is "war"!!
        The american public NEVER had to suffer a real modern war....therefor they might not response to Cheney!
        Yes....everybody is looking at Hussein as something cruel/dangerous....but there are hundereds of leaders around the world as him.
        Attack all of them and putting pressure not to do this and that?I-and ,many people in Southamerica,Europe and Asia ,cannot understand such shortsighted politics.
        The whole world pays a price for something that is coming out of Bush-Land....without EVER seeing something GOOD after those attacks.
        Sure any womd would be a dangerous thing....but did YOU ever see something like that in the arab world or the balcans?They just speculate...and behave like world-policy....which they are not.
        The UN has the only answer ....and they have their orders from the whole world.
        YOU should get afraid....WHAT happens to the arab world AFTER an attack?!
        Look for MASSIVE terror within the US.....that NOBODY can control!These people are dangerous if attacked...NOT before.
        Southamerica would be a good learning-example for the Bush-team to try to get poverty and hence terror away.But even in "their garden" they do NOT understand what HUGE markets could be in front of them ....if just behaved a little bit more like "earth-people"...than just americans...250 Mio people....against billions that do not understand their behaviour!
        I like your country and their people VERY much....they just lack a lot of social intelligence.
        It is a pity!
        Saludos del sur!

      • A truer statement never spoken, er, written.

        We constantly try to apply the same standards to America as these others countries we "interfere" with, well Iraq (just to use one example) is not America and therefore is not entitled to the same priveleges on the world stage.

        Yes we (and our allies) have forgotten history.

        p.s. where that Mule guy when we need a little history lesson...

      • <<< One would think the Europeans would know that given the history of WWII.>>>

        Maybe because Europeans know the history of WWII, they now object to unprovoked aggression of the United States and its desire for global dominance.

        Come on people, saddam's weapons are in a very sorry state and he is no more than a regional threat. This war is not about his WMD. It is about, first, assuring that everyone is afraid of the US, and second, about replacing Saddam with another dictatorship willing to flood the world market with oil.

    • Why believe him?And what if they just want to get higher oil-prices for Halliburton ,more
      products produced by Northdrop Gruman....and
      get the press away from certain insider tradings of a man called G.W.B.??!!
      The WHOLE world sees nothing.....why especially and only the man that under the father of G.W.B.lost the war against his personal enemy Saddam????
      Yes I accept that they have to let UN weapons inspectors in.....but to attack them NOW is like throwing a burning towel into their oil-holes!!

      What a pity!

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      • <<Why believe him?>>......I would rather believe the Vice-President than not believe him and have to see another picture like this:
        <<The WHOLE world sees nothing>>......if we stand alone, then so be it.....Churchill and England once stood alone too....every nation has the right to defend itself from attack, regardless of world opinion.
        <<but to attack them NOW is like throwing a burning towel into their oil-holes!!>>....Cheney's language indicates that to do nothing now will only make matters worse in the future....I accept that.

        <<What a pity!>>...we are in total agreement...
        <<Saludos!>>...and to you also Paraguay2es!

        the beat goes on...

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