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  • bdparts bdparts Sep 24, 2002 4:19 PM Flag

    cheap list....................ot

    INTC ?

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    • Unfortunately, no. Sounds like you are in a better position than me to determine where AMKR is going -- from where I sat, it seemed the semi news just kept getting worse so I couldn't justify holding. I had a big -- my largest position -- in AMKR so when it gave me the opportunity to take about 40% gains in a week, I cashed in and took the money. Although I am very greedy, when I get a quick 7% to 30% in a week or so, I'll generally take the conservative route and book the profit. With exceptions around the last couple of year-ends, I haven't stayed in long enough to take more than a double. But I am researching a couple of cheap names that I have stayed out of for nearly a year -- one a former triple. I'll let you know if and upon what I pull the trigger. For now, I am pleased to horde my cash and watch AW, IPK, PTP and my junk roll upwards.

    • Well, it hit today. Up another 20%. I know eventually there will be some profit taking but I am in for the long ride. Hoping to see this eventually back to somewhere near $25 (sold for $29 in May of this year). There is some wispers of another upgrade coming in a few days. Neff gets richer but I guess I can't com[lain.

    • I think I will have a quad either today or tomorrow. AH ask is at $5.00. Did you ever get back in? Give me your thoughts on my holding for at least 12 mos. Good luck

    • I have a stop in and I intend to ride this out for at least 12 mos. Living in West Chester, Pa their HQ and having lots of friends who work there I get pretty good feedback on their status. James Kim is a very intelligent businessman with a ton (Billions) behind him. Wife founded ELBO (Electronic Boutiques) and His Father is owner of ANAM. This Co was NEVER EVER in any danger of BK. Hoovers has them undervalued by 70%. Where else can I gamble my money??? And, I know it is a gamble but I am willing to risk it. Come on in the waters fine. Good Luck.

    • Are you still holding AMKR -- its about a quad for you by now; where is the fundamental improvement? -- visibility seems to be worse, no?

    • No Neff bought 200,000 shares - this thing is so undervalued that even with just a little uptick it should do very well. I bought with a sell price in mind. Stock was at $29 plus in May of this year and their financials are much better today. James Kim the founder of Amkr is listed in Fortune as 2nd only to Walter Annenberg in wealth in Phila. He lost Billions when this stock fell. That said, he has NEVER sold 1 single share of this company since the initial IPO. I just feel my $$$ is very secure with this company. Good luck.

    • Amkr reports at 5 today. Might break $5. I have made a ton on this and hope to make much more.

    • I really should get back in. Not wanting to buy in higher after taking a profit is the same potentially stupid block as not wanting to sell at a small loss when it could avoid disaster. Neff bought 100,000 shares at this price last summer. I just can't see any improvement in the business, so I can't pull the trigger. But then, I have no ability to see this business turn before everyone else does.

    • greetings again loo.....
      no idea on the whereabouts of ben...but likely
      he's on a vacation of some sort...probably
      some south pacific island with no internet...
      he would likely agree that the only way
      LUcent will get a move up in the near term
      is with the Nortel type of planned reverse
      and I'm sure he'd agree that the new exec
      at Gap(GPS) is a real MICKEY MOUSE choice...
      ...later, and best to you again, bdparts

    • I agree; My experienc, FWIW, is that Sept-OCT of the mid term election year is the nadir for stock prices in the election cycle.

      Best to you also BD.

      BTW where is Ben? I haven't seen him posting lately. I even checked the LVLT boaard; there was one short post denying that he sold his LVLT. Not like Ben to quit posting is it?

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