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  • berkietanksagain berkietanksagain Oct 7, 2002 10:36 AM Flag

    ABC, please explain why you are such a

    bull. This stock hasn't moved in over four years. In fact, it's 20% lower than it was when it peaked at $84,000 in the summer of 1998.


    Didn't WEB say something about creating a dollar of market value for every dollar of earnings that are retained?

    This obviously hasn't happend.

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    • Going_to_Hell_in_a_Handbasket Going_to_Hell_in_a_Handbasket Oct 8, 2002 3:11 PM Flag

      ...... .... ..........
      .. ............ ....... ...
      ............. ..........

      .... ........... ... .....
      ... .... .. .....

    • all soon to be packaged all over the country in 1 million square foot warehouse malls under the name
      "Super Duper Mega-Buff-Consumo-Mart"


      "Charlie's Awesome Palace O' Stuff n Things"

      or sumpin'.

      Olay! :-)

    • STF:

      Isn't it more like 18% of WPO?

      Keep up the good work.

    • Sometom, don't forget all those shiping containers. Could they be getting a little (very very little) more in demand right now with all those floating in the Pacific full
      May take a while to clean the ones carrying perishables. &;~) Lou

    • i am new here but been reading a while have a small position but i am thinking 4 yrs without anything to show for my time and money makes me an idiot and the last to recognize your short comings is yourself.

      also i notice the club is wrapped in its own ego so securely that the light from the lamp of knowledge shines not upon their smug little faces.
      an idiot must not outshine the holy men or one would believe the wisdom of the world in not always found in the expected forums.

      the only one who cannot learn is the man who knows all in advance.
      secure in the arms of the master buffett.

      just show me the money,
      l'uomo non vive da pane da solo, l� deve essere vino

    • Man, Berkshire's assortment of companies is getting more hilarious by the minute! I love it!

      Berkshire, a far flung empire making ginsu knives, cowboy boots, chicken coop an chicken incinator, hog feeders, a premium chocalate chain, a metropolitan newspaper, nations largest carpet, paint and insulation manufaturors, 5 different furniture chains, 4 jewlery operations an 16 different insurance companies including the nations largest reinsurors and the number 5 auto insurance outfit. Other operations inclue Dairy queen, dexter and brown shoe, a specialty steel manufacturor, a metal buildings coponents company, the nations larges picture frame manufaturor, a close to 1 billion in sales kitchen goods direct retailer. They also make pumps and kirby vacum cleaners. Oh, also the worlds largest flight training operator with over 1 billion(?) in assetts employed, as well as an operator of Net Jets, a fractional ownership company serving the worlds elite. Oh, also since the company cannot find enough companies of iterest it also owns close to 10% of 3 of the top US market cap companies, Coca Cola, American Express, and Gillete. Other stakes in Banking inclue 5% positions in Wells Fargo, M&T and Suntrust. Also a 10% position in the Washington post bought 30 years ago and forgotten about.

      Despite the large assortment of far flung assetts the Chairman does not do drugs with no current invesments in this large sector although the next report may change that.

    • Thanks! Do you think it's something to crow about or have we laid an egg? I mean, it kinda looks like we're scratching around in the gravel, but at least we're flapping our wings a bit. I'm just not sure it's up to struttin' across the barnyard about, but I won't say any more- I'd hate to contribute to peckin' party.

      Yours in animal husbandry,


    • What IS the poultry cage market. I musta missed something- TIA M

    • "Besides, it seems we've quietly cornered the poultry cage market. This has to be worth something;-)."


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