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  • myred9 myred9 Oct 30, 2003 8:21 AM Flag


    Dear all,

    Hello, my name is LEE Hyeonsoon, 18 years old Korean, am studying abroad at a school called Asia Pacific University in Japan, to study Business management.

    The reason why I write a message is, to have your precious comments about Berkshire Hathaway and Mr. Buffet. I am now performing my case study, and the theme is: 'Businessperson Analyzing - Warren Buffett'.

    Of course I am finding books and all paper materials and searching internet to get informations. But I am sure your heartfull, or even short comment can help my case study project more fruitful.

    Thank you for reading this message.

    Yours sincerely,

    LEE Hyeonsoon

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    • My apologies, Dopey.

      Sorry I cause you pain, and I wish you and your family great happiness.

      As one poster said, "A rich man may become poor..."

      Things change, and I hope happiness and prosperity are the hallmarks of your time on our little planet.


    • Cool board! Will help me with my 'problem verbosity.'


      <Hey guys, as much as I enjoy arguing about abortion, and you know I can sling with the best of them, why don't we take this discussion over to one of the OT boards like SIGY.>

    • <there is a difference between pre-marital sex between partners that care for each other and very promiscuous and irresponsible sex with multiple partners including acts that increase the probability of disease transmission.>

      Yes, and the same person may engage in both behaviors at different times in his or her life.

      Frankly, I have noticed that Christians are in relationships prior to marriage, and I whole-heartedly approve. I'd hate to see poor choices made in marriage partners due to inexperience in relationships. What they do in the relationships, in the bedroom, I won't speculate on. But they must also have the temptations we secular humanists experience, and consequently may face the same choices. I wish them all the strength they need to make and live with these decisions.

      By the way, I assume no women have chimed in on this issue. Coincidence?


    • Actually, and really the politics of it aside, the funniest bumper sticker I have seen is VOTE BUSH/CHENEY 2004, BECAUSE YOU'VE WAITED FOR ARMEGEDDON LONG ENOUGH.

    • Flashback to the early 80's. Best bumper sticker around:

      "The Moral Majority is Neither!"

    • Actually, though, if you look at it a little, you will find that there is a common thread in our history of slaughter - we kill non-christians with apparent zeal.* The slaves from africa were mostly either voo-doo-based or muslim-based. The Indians were "heathens" (right handbasket"). We basically spared the Mexicans because of their christian roots, so that was mainly a war for land. Slavery and oppression of women is christian-bible-certified to be A-OK, afterall, as is apparently the slaughter of "infidels".

      That's why I don't like voting for any politician who claims moral superiority of just religion - because he's a natural-born and God-inspired killer.

      Viva Pat Robertson...

      Zygotes ain't christian. Kill 'em all!

      It fits perfectly, eh?

    • "Just like they were "horrified" at the practice of slavery?"

      Or their oppression of Betsy Ross and other womens' rights, or the wholesale killing of Indians and Mexicans an their way west a few years later.

      Dang, relatively speaking, Saddam wasn't so bad afterall! ;-)

    • Going_to_Hell_in_a_Handbasket Going_to_Hell_in_a_Handbasket Oct 31, 2003 2:53 PM Flag

      <<Just like they were "horrified" at the practice of slavery? >>

      Good point. Some were horrified by slavery. It was their failure to press for its abolition that brought the nation to grief. Let's hope that men of good will do not compromise this time on the right to life issue.

    • < I believe strongly that the founding fathers would have been absolutely horrified at the thought of millions of abortions taking place in the US.>

      Just like they were "horrified" at the practice of slavery?

    • "I believe strongly that the founding fathers would have been absolutely horrified at the thought of millions of abortions taking place in the US."

      There were no underground backroom abortions in those days?

      "Millions of unborn children would be spared."

      Underground backroom abortions will not happen in the future?

      "people will take RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that they do not start a life that they are unwilling to start."

      The laws of human nature will be repealed?

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