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  • TheDukeofURL TheDukeofURL Nov 13, 2003 11:40 AM Flag

    Warren dumps all L3 stock

    This just in. News at 11:00. I don't follow L3, but I just heard this on the news.

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    • Yeah, but you and mscleo are newbies, so no one is listening to you. ;-)

      (Just kidding! check your recs...)

    • "But in some ways this board is no better than average. Smug condescension, so rampant on the boards in general, is perhaps even stronger than average here. IMO, the core community of this board deserves, and can achieve, a more objective attitude than they in fact project."

      I'm not trying to be rude here, but why can't you take it for what it is? This board is full of ideas and good ones at that. Sure, people are a bit smug at times, but as successful as some of these people have been, haven't they earned that right? 99.99% of the time, I just read what's here and am grateful that people are willing to share their investment ideas. In case you haven't noticed, the regulars get into disagreements also... And that's ok. It generates discussion and makes me think. I take it for what is. As far as your contributions not being respected to the level you think they should be, keep plugging away. If people see that you're serious and not inventing ids to match the subject matter you want to discuss, the respect will come. Heck, I'll give you that chance.

    • Why do I get the feeling that you are having an immensely good time with all this?

    • lol, nice try, prez, but you'd be better off going back to blanket attacks on everybody who isn't a longtime reader of this board.

      Address the issues or keep me on ignore.

    • Recommend this post if you want astral/grim_fiddle to go away permanently.

    • Oh, and, prez -- thanks for repeating your implication that newcomers to this board show up here due to "tabloid coverage".

      It's strangely validating to hear you metaphorically throw the vast majority of Berkshire's shareholders out with the trash.

    • Prez:
      <<So now, can we not all just get over this,
      maybe all the newbies can introduce
      themselves, tell everyone what they do, how they got here, make comments, and they can all be welcomed aboard, and all the insecuurity complexes can be laid to rest until the next spate of tabloid press coverage comes along? Is that an unreasonable request?>>

      It's not an unreasonable request considered on its own. Perhaps the fact that you appended it to another long attack on a newcomer leads me to view it with some detachment.

    • alwaysbuycheap --
      Thanks for correcting my impression that old-timers can sometimes be dismissive and arrogant. I was really worried there for a bit.

      The Tsar

    • ormaybenot --

      You've forced me to agree with PREZ on a point. Yech. But here goes:

      Why pick on the guy who even Prez calls the newbie's best friend?

      I didn't interpret MarknMT's post as spin at all. It struck me as a genuine attempt to bridge the culture gap between old-timers and newcomers.

      Did he instantly shuck every single vestige of the oldie attitude toward newbies? Nah, but he was sympathetic and open.

      Be reasonable, ormaybenot.

      (But I hope you will.)

      Between just us chickens, I can read your post (aside from the 'spin' jab) and pretty much feel that you're on-base. But we're not going to undo six years of bondage all in one week.

    • "I wandered over"

      I figured there wasn't much thought in the act. Welcome to ignore.

      One can hope that babyb will soon take your "place".

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