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  • quesadillla quesadillla Mar 7, 2004 5:15 PM Flag

    After Buffett...

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the future prospects of Berkshire Hathaway after the inevitable passing of Warren Buffett? He is in his 70s after all so it's quite possible that he may either die or become sick to the point of not being able to participate in the company's decisions.

    I know Martha Stewart and Warrent Buffett are completely different and their companies have many major differences, but they both companies share a strong connection with a specific individual even though both companies have tried to be greater than the individual that runs them. For example, even though Martha Stewart Omnimedia has tried to distance itself from Martha Stewart, it's stock has taken a beating and was slammed last week when the verdict came in. I'm just curious what will happen to the stock once Buffett is no longer in control. After all, Buffett's has pratically been louted as a investing diety for some time now.

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    • interesting question. I have seen many posts here that imply it might not make such a difference, as ... he's setting up a succesion plan, he's got a positive surprise in the wings. etc.. however, one thing I have noted is that many stocks rise on the assocation with web's name, and fall when it is believed he has pulled out of his position, eg,. LVLT, PTR. etc.... so my view is that there is a Web *premium*, and its a positive premium. The real question tho' IMHO is , how temporary is this phenomena? Until it actually happens, I dont believe we have clear indication...

    • You have posted this shit before.

      You do not belong on this thread.

      Why don't you answer your question by sacrificing yourself.

      Then we can find out what happens when you pass.

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      • Um... Actually I've never posted on this board before so I doubt I asked this question before. I have to guess that someone else posted this question before and it's easier for you if you think only one nutjob has this crazy idea. So if denial of the issue makes this problem go away, I guess that means I was correct in assuming that Buffett is too tightly integrated into the price of this stock.

        I would think that investors with $93,000 to put into this company would be a little more sophisticated than that.

    • I have been telling it again again;here is what i want you and every one you to do;
      Every morning you will pray to the god and tell him that god take 5 years of my life and add it on the web`s life. well just leave it to the god he will keep him going another 20yrs.

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