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  • pat_cret pat_cret Mar 14, 2004 3:58 AM Flag

    Mr Begg goes to Washington - III

    In retrospect one might say that the Guildford Four were fortunate. They at least were charged. They were told what was alleged against them. They were represented by dedicated and skilful lawyers of their choice. True, the evidence against them was manipulated and sometimes fabricated, and evidence in their favour was wrongly withheld by their prosecutors. Nevertheless they at least went through a process of law and ultimately it was that process which secured their release.

    Not so with the Guantanamo detainees, not one of whom has been charged since Camp X-Ray was set up two years ago. They have been denied their rights under international laws to which America and Britain are bound. They have been subjected to constant interrogation without ever having access to a lawyer. (The American military authorities are quite frank about this: the presence of a lawyer would diminish the climate of dependency, they say, between the prisoner and his interrogator.) Their welfare remains unknown because not even the Red Cross, which the Nazis allowed to visit prisoner - of - war camps, has been given access to the prisoners. The little information which has come out is very alarming. At least 32 detainees have attempted suicide, including possibly one of the twelve Britons, Ferroz Abbasi.

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