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    • WD's an EXCELLENT chain lube! Low friction, and
      it cuts the grime off with every app (high solvent).
      Drawback is ... you gotta spray a new coat every few hours
      of riding on a dry road. Don't want to use it at all
      in wet conditions because water'll flush right out
      of links in no time (low visc.). Try something
      sticky like TriFlow. Sorry about your chain, but you've
      got to love the smell of WD.

    • thing Boeing has going for it is that
      it's survival is in the long term strategic interests
      of the United's important that we have
      people who know how to build airplanes, build ships,
      make steel, weave cloth ect. ect....IMHO Congress
      would rescue BA before they would ever let them go I think BA will be around for a long time to

    • Makes things rust... I lubeb a bicycle chain once and it rusted away. WD-40 SUCKS.


    • renewing (wetting) ink on older
      typewriter/printer ribbons.
      It also frees any stuck stricker
      pins in a print head (esp the Imagewriters that still
      work with IMACs). (Our school doesn't have a big

    • WD-40 is like Coke in many ways. They have a
      secret formula that they sell to distributors around the
      world. Almost every U.S. household has WD-40 tucked away
      in their garage somewhere. By following Coke's
      example, WD-40 also enjoys a superb return on equity of
      40%. Management has been criticized for being a one
      product company over the years, but they are starting to
      expand. They just announced that they will be acquiring
      Lava easy way for the grease-monkeys to get
      clean after a hard day's work. The stock's symbol is
      WDFC. I've often though Buffett would like this
      company, but it currently appears fully valued.

    • WEB never bought shares in these companies.

      GO NXTL GO!

    • We're trying to find out some information about
      the company that makes WD-40 (anti squeak

      Does anybody know if it is publicly traded, if so what
      its stock ticker is and details about management?
      Seems like one of those moat-type companies (70% market
      share world wide) with plenty of upside potential if
      they ever got a manager with a vision for

      Any help is greatly appreciated in advance.

    • Good call on BA.

    • WEB has said in annual reports that he is not
      interested in turnarounds, only in well managed, successful
      companies with an ongoing stream of earnings. He also buys
      companies whose managers he knows and trusts. Does Boeing
      qualify on any of these criteria?

      Of course if he
      could get a good enough deal....

    • I doubt Boeing meets Buffett's criterion. Boeing
      requires huge investments in plant and equipment. Somehow
      I feel that Buffett considers that out of his
      "circle of competence." Of course, Buffett have taken
      some interest in high capital expenditure comapnes
      (Champion, U.S. Air, etc.) but somehow Buffett does not that
      well with those companies. Thus, BOEING AQUISITON BY
      BUFFETT IS VERY UNLIKELY. Your comments please.

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