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  • woodstein2002 woodstein2002 Aug 19, 2005 7:30 PM Flag

    11000 people for 400 jobs

    Walmart claims (and I believe them) that 11000 folks applied for 400 jobs at their new Oakland, Ca store. There is something a bit unsettling about this. Is the glass half full or half empty here? Do that many folks want to work for Walmart or do that many folks need to work at Walmart? Either way, mortgage lenders are going to have to come up with some newfangled products to keep the bubble going.

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    • I worked at Wal*Mart 3 years as a cashier and layaway clerk and really liked it. As a part-timer (24 hours/week) I could get health insurance after 2 years. It was one of the best places I ever worked because of the 'sundown' rule. If you had a question or problem you could talk to anyone in the store about it and get an answer by sundown. Once the guy getting shopping carts spent 20 minutes talking to the store manager, I mean the big boss, about a 25 cent raise. Can you do that where you work? As a consequence there are no big egos at Wal*Mart.

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      • I actually stopped in my local store yesterday...the wife and daughter needed air mattresses for a camping trip and they were only 14.97...for that price I don't care if the pop after a couple of nights use. I got in the twelve item or less express lane with two women in front of me who had no more than a half-dozen items a piece. It took 10 minutes. It seems the two ladies in front of me(and myself, to the impatience of the man behind me) all paid with cash. Apparently, when you pay with cash in the express line at Walmarts, the cashier is required to do some ciphering on a scratch mad to verify the register's math? Can you tell me what thats about? Its sundown here in about 10 minutes.

    • It says more about the statistics our government gathers than it says about WalMart. Real unemployment must be near 8% and underemployment is near 20%....

    • I seems to me the action is screaming settlement. if we settle we will quickly move to $90,000 / $3,000 per share. Thoughts?

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