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  • jamesblazen jamesblazen May 7, 2007 10:13 PM Flag

    Buffet's Polygamy


    He basically had 2 wives. The "official" wife lived in San Francisco while his live-in lover (now his wife) serviced his needs.

    This arrangement was apparently fine with all involved. I wonder who was banging the "official" wife.

    Funny how the press never mentions Buffet's polygamy.

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    • To be very blunt about this: a two-income family just cannot make it in this day and age... Buffett was a true pioneer in the move to enable multi-income families and he should be applauded.

    • Don't think he was banging both however, probably never divorced for tax/estate reasons, the master deal maker he is ......

    • Serious question....WHY should the press mention it?

      If someone is making you money do you care if they are cheating on their spouse, addicted to drugs/alcohol/porno, soliciting prostitutes, rabid bible thumper, cross dresser, abusive to their kids, etc etc.

      To believe all executives are saints is the height of naieve. Go to any major convention week in Vegas and you will see attendees are almost all banging the escorts.

      WTF cares about people's personal life!

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      • oh come on now, like noone really cares about this stuff??? This stuff is most the most interesting stuff of all to many people. Go look how well the tabloid papers sell. It's not the biggest issue in the world, but so say who cares misses the mark and is unrealistic. And Buffet has lived his life almost like a minister lives his life, no excesses. So it's interesting for sure, but I'm certain this was his wife's doings, she wanted to spend some of the money where Warren was against living with excesses while there are so many poor people out there. He's done it, and what an example. Everything about this guy life cries sainthood almost. People just checking to see if any flies in the ointment.

    • I think that was more of his wife's doings rather than Warrens. I bet he wanted things to stay as they were, but his wife wanted something different (maybe a chance to spend some of her wealth). You got to admit, not too many people worth billions wanting to live on 50k a year. It is an interesting relationship, my guess is Warren was faithful to his live-in girlfriend, but who really knows. It is interesting speculation you have to admit. My dirty mind drifts to menage-et-tois, or doing his wife while he was in CA and doing his girlfriend when he was at home. You know he must have been sleeping with the girlfriend, and my guess is the wife probably not. I hear he was an agnostic, but yet exhibits some very conservative religious philosophy. That he is an agnostic is interesting to hear also. Anyway he seems like a great person and a person to be admired for sure. I just wish he'd stay out of politics sometimes.

    • It is all in Lowenstein bio and known by people in San Francisco.

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