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  • wyoste wyoste Nov 30, 2007 2:23 PM Flag

    told you all DON"T SELL A SINGLE SHARE

    remember that post a month or so ago?

    BRK has come onto the main stage for WORLD investors. If you were living in a country outside the US and wanted a safe investment with management you could TRUST wouldn't BUFFETT be your first choice?
    I know he's mine.
    This stock has a lot left to run.

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    • What a nice Christmas present from Warren and Charlie. Has anyone noticed that WSC is at 432? I just can not believe it when I read of anyone seriously considering selling Brk. When you are in doubt, re-read Grahams' text and just think about all those that sold years ago and now wish that they had not. This stock is an investment.....I can see why Warren says his favorite holding time is forever.

    • "BRK has come onto the main stage for WORLD investors"

      Really, so the world is now just catching wind of BRK? Wow.

      "This stock has a lot left to run."

      Wow. you know that too huh?

    • I'm sure I was honestly giving my opinion that a reasonable price for BRK was 150K in Aug-Sept of 2005, to jeers of pumping etc. Well, I had just put every spare dime in, but it was honest pumping. We're still not to that old non-conservative estimate, and the value's soared since.

      Incidentally, Mesakid, for amps to go with my low-action smooth-neck Strat I eschew Mesa's offerings as too expensive. Sure, they've got dual rectifiers, triple rectifiers, amps galore and gain out the wazoo for a few thousand dollars, all handbuilt, but I like Fender's Hotrod series Blues Junior for $399. It's a full tube amp with a solid state rectifier, which means no sag. Fenders "15 tube watts" will blow the walls out of a residence. Watch the ears, kid, if you're cranking a Mesa. For my expensive choice, I'd follow Clapton's low-power, high-quality lead and check out a black lacquer Custom Shop hand-wired '57 Twin.

    • anyone who gets "nervous" because of growing world recognition of the true value of BRK for the long haul, should seriously consider hiding their money in a Red Ryder lunch box and burying it in the backyard What could you possibly invest in that would be a better long-term investment on the world stage?

    • News flash from cnbc....

      Hurricane season over.

      Maria will be discussing winners and losers.

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