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  • joetrade777 joetrade777 Jan 25, 2009 8:02 PM Flag

    BERK=dead $ for last 10 years. MSFT=dead $ for last 10 years


    buffet/gates tore ya a new one players of the obvious

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    • GEICO has gained significant traction over the last 10 years, larger national market share, big growth in NJ, entered motorcycle, RV, and even commercial vehicle markets.

      Marmon, Mars, and large stake Burlington Northern WILL pay off large in future years. GE, GS, and JNJ stakes will also prove economic viability. You being an 18 year old, one might be able to see far into the future?

      Ask the shareholders of AIG, CSCO, Enron, and Citigroup how their portfolio feels today versus 1999?

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      • Well! Clearly a lot of passion has been vented in this thread.
        Many calls for flagellation, but few for self-flagellation.
        I'm trying to think back to 1980, when Reagan's Budget Director, or Treasury Secretary, introduced the concept of 'trickle-down-economics' to the national economy. Was his name Stockton?
        Even after it has decisively destroyed the American middle class, it's clear that this philosophy will continue on, until it effectively destroys the entire American economy.
        Every obsession carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.

    • Also,blaming your neighbors for the housing crisis is bizarre,whether young or old...IFffffff 5 million homeowners lost their houses here,would that cause a crash of the whole world economy??? Obviously NOT...IT was caused by the wall/streeters crooked operators & their NON-GOVT (believers)overseers...

      All charity giving is drying up,even from the workers with 'secure' jobs...Everyone is scared to death,except for the mall people & us casino gamblers & we're not feeling too frisky either...We give about $30 of food to the food bank every 7/10 days,the last 2 weeks the place is closed,had to drop it off @ your favorite BAC bank...Probably not enough food to give away or the volunteers have to go back to work themselves...Wifey runs the M/of/Dimes charity in our neighborhood,all retired or working...So far,got ONE $10 donation...Scary times for most...


    • Sadly,this country is in a shut-down mode & NO stock nor investment is 'safe'...In the newspaper today,in '09, 100,000 non-prorits will go out of business...they mainly support lower income people as well as some specialty organizations...Believe riots in the streets will occur...

      Also,believe NO payment is 'safe',including pensions,brokerage deposits,401ks,annuities,bank fdic insureds,etc,etc...The system is so broken even your gold nuggets will not help you...

      The drowners of government in a bathtub have succeeded,how do you like it??? Only goverment printing presses & programs can help out @ this point & you reaganites were wrong then & are wrong once again...

      All this from an optimist & >>>that's the way it is<<<(WK)...

    • You sick fuc k ers who come here gloating about the hell and pain people are facing deserve to be shot. People are losing their homes, their kids can't attend college, they dont' have the money to feed their kids, they are losing all their savings, and they have no health insurance due to losing their jobs to pay for the likely mental and physical ailments that are accompanying this market destruction.

      And then I come here and read a post by an 18 year old gloating about that misery? You sir, are the exact reason why we have a military. I would suggest you contemplate enrolling, becuase it is quite clear whoever raised you failed.

      When it becomes satisfying for you to embrace the the Hell of others and then gloat it, you sir have lost all respect from me.

      Karma will catch you CHILD, you are too stupid and inexperienced in life at this point to have any logical ability to rationalize what every one around you is dealing with daily. But one day those tables will turn...I wonder if you will be determined to gloat on your own pain.

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      • >>>> who come here gloating about the hell and pain people are facing deserve to be shot.<<<<

        you seem like the sicko to me dude!

        of course i dont know you but my experience says that people who come down on others so hard are usually miserable souls who conduct their lives with little integrity and condeming others for minor sins makes them feel better.

        your selfrightous indignation only fools a few. getting a life will start with checking out the mote in your own eye.


      • Dude, don't be a loser your whole life.

        What's happening now is way way over due by 20+yrs.

        99% of people losing their homes deserve losing it. Risk takers, greedy and clueless bunch.

        Those investing following "advice" of Motley Fool, Cramer, Kudlow, Fast Money, etc. all deserve to lose their money. Who stupid and greedy can you be?

        The current reset of wealth in America is welcome to bring things back into balance.

        If you were smart you would know how to play this crisis. I know and am doing very well thank you.

      • Think about it, Vincent.
        Who's responsible for 3.5 million people in danger of losing their homes; kids not being able to attend college; people losing their savings; losing their health insurance with their jobs?
        That can't be the fault of any 18-year-old.
        Surely the fault has to be laid at the feet of commercial banks, investment banks, ratings agencies, predatory mortgage lenders, hedge funds, private investment funds, etc.
        Aren't they the ones who went haywire with irresponsible lending? Aren't they the ones who devised crazy mortgages, mortgage-backed securities,
        credit default swaps and other derivatives, and engaged in astronomical leveraging?
        And weren't they cheered on and encouraged by Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman, and Fed Chairman
        Alan Greenspan, and other heavyweight economists from Government and Academia, who declared that the market would always find its rightful balance without the need for any external regulation?
        Wasn't it the triumph of the Efficient Market?
        Don't lay it on the shoulders of some 18-year-old kid.

      • many people are in a world of hurt due to their irresponsible selfish financial decisions.
        If you want to keep up with the Joneses then you have to pay the piper.
        The biggest hotshots in my neighborhood are going down. One in particular had the best landscaping, the nicest inground pool, the new acura, the best christmas lights lighting up the property are going bust. Do I feel sorry for these big spenders. NO!!!!! Toss them out. These schmucks can afford to rent that's it. The days of living it up on someone elses buck are over.
        Let them start living within their means.

      • Vincent,
        Why don't you rail against the champions of Efficient Market Theory, who got us into this mess?
        Most of the regular posters on this board are Efficient Market believers.It's true that you would be throwing stones in glass houses, but at least you would be aiming at the right target.

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