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  • sage533 sage533 Aug 6, 2010 12:33 PM Flag

    Bad Jobs-- GOOD NEWS GOP

    Let's keep hoping the jobs report is weak. That will seal the fate of the Democratic Congress. The GOP will sweep in and out goes Obama in 2012. The health care plan will be curtailed before it takes effect in 2013. With that spending cut, dividend taxes can hold steady without building Federal debt and capital gains taxes will hold steady. I am OK with income taxes rising back to Clinton rates even thought I am subject to them. Interest rates will continue to drop on the 10 year and anything with yield will outperform. MLP's like EPD, BPL, DEP with 6% plus yields will do well and are inflation hedges. REIT's like GOV with 6.6% yield and all Government tenants, utilities VVC with capex going down and a yield of 5.5%. The banks like JPM and BAC who will reinstate dividends after record earnings from the lower rates and energy stocks like MRO and BP. BP will restart dividend in Q1 2011. Insurance stocks like OB, FRFHF, AHL and WTM are like free money. OB yields 5% and all of them sell below BV when they should be at 1.5 times BV. Their investment portfolios will do very well with lower rates and BV will grow. These are all potential doubles. Arctic Glacier will reinstate its dividend next year--the ice business is great. PM will continue to grow and raise its dividend and it is great dollar hedge. Plum Creek's trees just keep growing and WM just keeps picking the garbage up while raising its dividend every year. Sprinkle in a dozen speculative growth stocks and you have the perfect portfolio. These are great times for fundamental investors. Enjoy!!

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