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  • hclasvegas hclasvegas Oct 28, 2010 6:56 AM Flag

    BUFFETT, CHINA, BYDD, due dili,

    jad,missed,tiempo, help me to educate the morons of brkville. How long ago did BUFFETT and friends pay a visit to CHINA to kick the tires at BYD ? Did they talk financials AT ALL or just check the colors of the batteries ? Did BUFFETT have any idea that BYDD was about to miss by miles ? Did BUFFETT come back from CHINA BULLISH BYD, very happy with what he heard and saw ,very verbal very visible VERY BULLISH ? IF retail bought BYD based on his CONments after he left CHINA are they now down 20 % in less then 30 days ? Did HE pump again into a giant problem OR as geepod has pointed out, does HE feel GOOD about this knowing that in 20 years it may be better ? WAT DA F--K IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY ??????????? Does HE understand there are STILL SUCKERS who LISTEN to what he SAYS, rather then wait to see what he DOES BEFORE they act ????? Is it any wonder why the SEC is breaking his kahunas, IF you cant play the game FAIR, shut Da f--k up !!

    H in 2012, NO GANGSTER will be safe regardless of my holdings.

    ok, I lied, Jena,Pam, and Lady Gaga are ALWAYS safe while I'm in office .

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    • It must be genetic - how else to explain it?

    • LOL, HCfraud, people have been warning folks for years about reading the news, finding "Buffett" and some ticker symbol, and buying at any price. The Berkies keep doing it anyway. Buffett was happy with how much BYDD went up, so people bought it. Buffett got a good deal on Coke 25 years ago, so his fans keep buying it every time it dips 10%. Buffett bragged about diluting PG's earnings severely because they overpaid heavily for G, so Berkies ran out and bought PG. So what?

      So a brainless cult wants to play the market based on one-quarter-understood sound bites from Buffett watchers. But the cult doesn't bother figuring out who's buying and who's selling, and when Buffett's really buying he usually keeps it quiet, so the cult usually takes a bath. Ok. So what?

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