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  • timtjmon timtjmon Dec 1, 2010 12:40 PM Flag

    A Very Evil Idea

    I have to first appologize you because this is a very evil idea. For years and years now, america and the european world has tried and tried even strugling a bit to open China up economically to the rest of the world.

    After studing with mind boggling research I have discovered the answer but yet its very evil to do, its been troubling keeping this idea secret, besides the guilt is tremedouus.

    How do you profit from china, how do you penetrate its market, how do you get into its culture? The answer is simple, Christmas.

    Imagine China in a Christmas frenzy, every stock soaring, greed flurishing. so how does one reap such a reward? The answer is simple, use the christain religion to spread their gospel in china. Push it heavily, by using this innocent mask if you will, china will be encapsulated into Christmas automatically.

    Pray for me, because I have just released one of the most evil ideas ever...maybe I'll be on santa's naughty list?

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    • the 2008 depression/recession evaporated 1/4 of the worlds wealth, so the stocks that you owned which survived this depression/recession is what you want to keep proving to be stronger than folks initailly imagined, thats probably why they are so profitable right now.

      there are still sectors which have openings of growth for example, best buy doesnt have a real competitor right now, it used to be the bankrupt circut city, this is just one opportunity to invest into or start up its competion which would cut into best buys profits.

      keep in mind, the stocks that survived the depression must begin to be competitive as we see the competive pathway, so you may want to look at investing in some of the new competives as they grow, buy low sell high, or buy low and keep high etc...

      also everyone talks about fixing the housing market by making it easier to borrow money-this is wrong, if you want to fix the housing market, you have to get the unemployed working again,when they work, they are able to buy things like homes and cars, the 25 million unemployed are not able to do this, um no bank or credit union in their right mind is going to say, great your unemployed here take 200k for a house, & 20k for a new car.

      so how do you fix unemployment, with jobs, so how do you get profitable companies which are posting some of the best returns to hire unemployed workers, well there are a few simple strategies:

      1: companies are showing the best earnings, profitable, with boat loads of cash on hand, the government is starving for cash, guess what, there may be a tax for having too much cash on hand.
      2:another strategy is a tax break for companies that hire unemployed workers, there must be some kind of incentive for companies to hire or they just won't hire yet continue its current course which is to remain profitable with no extra labor costs, which is the current case right now, high unemployment with profitable companies holding boat loads of cash on hand, why borrow from the central bank when you own more cash than the central bank.

      3: get rid of the idea that a tax cut to the wealthy will create jobs, voodoo economics which is taught in harvard and yale-its a waste, every tax cut i got, i never used it to start up a company or spend it to create someones job,lol, my dollar was circulated amongst the higher classes. so number 3 is that you have to come up with an idea so that the dollar will circulate amongst working class folks as it moves upward to the higher classes of folks, this idea is taught in a small college i visited years ago during a charitable time of hurricane katrina in louisiana called NSU from a professor named Dr. Roach, for example, a minimum wage earner recieves a pay check, he or she buys mcdonalds, walmart, diapers which are products that other folks in the same class purchase, the circulating dollar or dollar multipler slowly moves this dollar upward thru the classes of folks as well as classes of industry and sectors, by the way, dr roach from NSU copyrighted this theory, lol.

      this is my charity for the day, use it, i hope this helps you to become profitable, goodbye.

    • Um i live in america, im republican, actually a tea party republican, yea im the one who wants a tax cut, why should i have to pay since im wealthy, you middle classers can get it then i should too. afterall theres a reason why folks like me are rich.

      for the fellow that doesnt believe in God, we are your God, the wealthy, you will serve us, your children, your grandchildren will also serve us. so wheather you believe in a spiritual god or not, i and other wealthy folks like me are your god in this world.

      i appologize to my wealthy counterparts for this next statement but i must show coin612004, if it wasnt for wealthy folks like myself, you wouldnt have a job to earn an income, to feed your family, or to enjoy our generous giving to help your disease ridden child. alot of the wealthy are too polite to put you in your place but every once in a while i must show you where you belong.

      you remind me of a fellow we invited to my concorde, we often smiled and laughed at him, until dinner, then we let him in on the joke, he was our joke, he realized the material that he was standing on was worth more than his entire lifetime income, he was truely was a fish out of water. like i said there are places where we belong, and places where you belong, so use your life and earn an income. while i sit back and laugh at you my little joke.

      anyhow, the sooner you realize that the republicans represent wealthy individuals such as myself the sooner you will get the picture, yes you voted your president in, he realized that we run this country. we determine if you work otherwise you can stay unemployed and enjoy your presdent, we tell him if we are ready to hire or not, whats a ceo or a board of directors, the can be unemployed with a lift of a finger.

      anyhow, my idea of using the american way of christainity with a fake preacher and silicon botox wife will work, instead of your holy triditional missionary and little nuns,just have to find the right chinese guy to do it, then its all day santa dancing with his stripper girlz called reindeer.

      all day black friday in china, with my stocks soarin like crazy, nothing like wakin up to the smell of my stocks soarin!!! lol.

    • Tim needs to get @ life...NOT even @ citizen here,are you TIMMY??? BUT still advocating political policy here,HELLO!!! Believe you 're in Ireland,NO??? OR memory fails,such is life!!!

    • An alternative approach may work better, since China's traditions are an eclectic mix of Buddhism and a folk religion called Taoism that has little resemblance the philosophical Taoism embodied in the Tao Te Ching. China's tradition of "Taoism" actually resembles Hinduism, with powerful protector deities, and also evil deities who are to be avoided. Hinduism and thus China's folk religion tradition are very similar to ancient European practices that everyone had a lot of fun with in the pre-Christian era. Christmas is the Christian successor to the ancient Roman Saturnalia. So, bring the Saturnalia to China, but call it the Buddhanalia. Can we get an iphone app for that? How about at least on an HTC Windows 7 phone?

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      • sounds great, forget the missionaries and nuns we are going straight for the american way of christainity with a fake preacher and his silicon botox wife.

        just so that the trap can be set, twisting christainity a bit so that it will be part of their buddism and taosim sounds good, just so long as they become ensnared with the christmas idea.

        boom, black friday in china, stocks souring and greed flourishing, never mind the baby in a barn, its all day santa dancing with his reindeer.... i think santa took me off his naughty list completely...May God have pitty on my soul...

    • dude, missionaries have been trying harder than that for centuries.

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      • "dude, missionaries have been trying harder than that for centuries"

        Yes, but they all used the wrong model, that of real religion. They should try the American model; that of the multi-millionaire celebrity preacher with his Botox and silicone enhanced wife, jetting around in his pulpit in the sky, aka private Gulfstream.

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