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  • hclasvegas hclasvegas Apr 15, 2011 7:51 AM Flag

    Obama Is Likely to Lose

    wall st j, great read.

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    • Strat,
      The patients should not be allowed the final decision, because they are not paying for the procedure.
      When I started receiving Medicare 18 years ago, I joined a Health Maintenance Organisation, for which Medicare paid the tab. I asked my Primary Care Physician if he would give me a referral to an orthopaedic hospital, for an operation to shorten the ligaments in a severely pronated ankle, so that the foot would be properly aligned with the leg. He told me that, at my age (65), there was no guarantee that the procedure would be successful, and so he refused the referral. He was acting as a 'gatekeeper', both for the HMO and for Medicare.
      When people qualify for Medicare they normally choose a
      Primary Care Physician, from whom they receive regular general checkups, which are kept on record.
      Should a situation arise in which they might benefit from major surgery, a Medicare-appointed surgeon should review their records, and decide whether they are fit enough to sustain the operative shock, and have a reasonable chance of recovering and benefitting from the procedure. If not, they should be offered palliative care.
      I once watched a live TV broadcast in which a surgeon was seated at the hospital bedside of a sick old man, explaining to him the difficulties and potential problems of the surgical procedure under consideration. Finally, the surgeon asked him if he wanted to go ahead with it. The man said he did. He was surrounded by the members of his family, who chimed in enthusiastically with their support. That was it. The decision had been made by the typically ignorant, but passionately emotionally involved jury.
      If the family is paying for the surgery, that's fine. It's their call.
      But, if the money is coming from an overstretched Federal Treasury, the decision should be made on the merits.

    • I'm sorry but I thought you were from Crete. Beautiful island, although the German tourists are as thick as flies on manure. My mistake.

    • Who makes that decision? The patients are choosing to have the procedures performed. They hope for the best. Often things turn out okay, as in my case, and often they do not. So what? You do what you can to stay alive.

    • We love you Hummingbird, you know that.

    • Your Irish forebears endured the same racism and bigotry that you now spew constantly. You are a disgrace to your Irish and German ancestors. A worthless, moronic disgrace.

    • No idea...Mine arrived to P.Rock & Virginia before an Ellis Isl. was named...True story,good luck with that one...

    • Sounds like your grandparents were themselves whiners. Must run in the family, a genetic thing.

      To control immigration the USA set up Ellis Island, located right next to the Statue of Liberty. If you didn't meet the criteria you were sent home.

      Why doesn't the USA have an Ellis Island today? Liberalism which wants open boarders.

      Liberalism - Mental Disorder.

    • When my G-G Grandparents arrived here from England shortly after the Mayflower,they said the EXACT same thingee about "whiney immigrants"...

      Strange world indeed & some very strange people abide here...

    • Mr. Cretin to you. My Great-Great Grandfather on my fathers side immigrated from Ireland in 1850's as did my Great-Great Grandfather from Germany on my mothers side and they and their children didn't ask for a hand out nor their children. They were just happy to get out of Europe and start a new life.

      It does appear that immigrants starting in the 1960's on come here with their hands outstretched and want to be takers.

      America the country that took out National Socialism and Communism, then rebuilt Europe and we get whiny immigrants in return.

    • Thanks Strat :-)

      The emigration statistics are becoming more interesting,as are the lack of immigrants ,specifically highly educated ones. Locally the citizenship wait time was almost 2 years,its now less than 6 months...

      If this "Bored" is statistically relevant then quite a few here have reached the same conclusion and 100% of those with the option to leave are seriously considering leaving......interesting

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