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  • carciofo60 carciofo60 Apr 15, 2011 10:23 PM Flag

    Obama Is Likely to Lose

    In my opinion, we need a smaller government and certainly less spending. I'm no billionaire but I would be willing to pay more in the way of taxes if Washington could demonstrate some real restraint with regard to their out of control spending habits. The GOP is not pushing an agenda that eliminates a "safety net" for those people who truly need assistance and a helping hand. Don't fall for the scare tactics being communicated by the Dems, it's just politics. When are people like you going to wake up and accept the reality that the world has changed! We can no longer afford a government that exists to over regulate, expand the current give-a-way thinking and is hell bent on redistributing the wealth of those who have worked hard. It's time to get this country back on a sound economic/financial footing.

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    • I hate to say it -Dishin' dogma and slingin' slogans is what's seen here.

      Fact 1, U.S. revenues are at historic lows as a percent of GDP.

      Fact 2, U.S. expenditures are near historic norms as a percent of GDP, despite the continuing extra spending related to the recession.

      A VAT would eliminate the deficit in ten minutes. It can be done any time. Increasing the age of social security and Medicare keeps them solvent and more in line with their original intentions of providing for the elderly in the light of increasing life expectancies.

      Now, unless you're a billionaire you better be afraid. You better be very afraid. Either you (if you're 55 or under) or your children and grandchildren will lose the Medicare guarantee if the Pubs win in 2012! The House GOP has passed it. The House GOP has gone on the record - every Pub but 4 - repealing Medicare. Wake up!

      Except for a small percentage, we are not Warren, Charlie, or even Ron Olson. We do not have 50 million. A household net worth of one million remains rare. As a cancer survivor I have experience with severe illness. It's incredibly expensive. A million dollars goes fast.

      You think you are rich until you are old and sick and have no health insurance (and you cannot buy it at reasonable rates because you are old and sick). Then when you have to pay those medical bills for your wife and then for yourself and you die in debt you find out how wrong you were. A million is nothing when it comes to the medical bills of the elderly.

      Medicare is a grand bargain. The young and healthy pay taxes that support the elderly and ill, who cannot buy affordable health insurance. In turn, when they are old, today's young have Medicare. I have paid taxes for decades for Medicare, but now since I'm just a few years too young to fall within the GOP core Confederate constituency I am to be stripped of Medicare! I say sod you GOP, to borrow an English expression that's less obscene.

      Everyone 55 and under, listen up. It's not the poor the GOP are attacking; it's everybody. Unless you're a whole lot richer than the one million dollar class, or want to work at a big organization with group health care until the day you die, the GOP is cutting your throat. You better get them out of office before they get you.

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