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  • strat58cat strat58cat May 24, 2011 3:45 PM Flag

    Insanely Great: WP7 Mango

    That's all it is. WP7 is already creating envy in my iphone-toting teen. Wait'll they see this stuff. Android fans like to talk dual-core and 4G but they miss the point completely. MSFT is optimizing the software so that less expensive hardware overkill is required to blow away customers with a great experience. The hardware's good - qualcomm Snapdragon2 - and the software overachieves. That's how MSFT and Nokia plan to take WP7 to Russia, India and China, for example, where carriers don't dole out the massive subsidies we have seen here in the States. IE9 and Bing integrated into the phone so completely are opening up a new dimension in Smartphones that's far beyond Android's iphone copycat approach. Already, the integration of Facebook into WP7 is noteworthy. Mango's taking it to another level.

    So is a p/e of 20 justified for MSFT? Although Bing and WP7 are excellent, the marketshares haven't put MSFT into the lead (especially in WP7). Meanwhile MSFT has had trouble generating net income from it's number 2 search engine. However, as Warren Buffett pointed out, MSFT is a value play. It's not cigar butt, but it's at a p/e of 8.75x forward earnings. MSFT is priced like it's a dead man walking. Well, if making the best stuff makes you a dead man walking . . . but it doesn't.

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