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  • toddfinances toddfinances Oct 14, 2011 7:40 AM Flag

    Attention: Occupy Wall Street protesters

    The new iphone 4S is out so you can wait in line for hours to buy one and then get back to protesting capitalism.



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    • baltbear Oct 15, 2011 5:15 PM Flag

      glenn beck?
      u mean the guy who got herman cain his foreign affairs chops?

    • So you pounded a cash register when you were 16. The protesters are much older than that. Seriously, are you expecting everyone to work at McDonalds? Because those are the only jobs out there besides skilled manufacturing jobs, which nobody seems to have the required skills for. They probably all took courses in I.T., only to find out that all the promised jobs are in Bangalore.

      when *you* worked in McDonalds, you did it becuase it was the only job you were qualified for at the time. Now, it's the only job young people can get. If you don't understand the difference, you belong in the corner with Toddy.

    • If you get all your "information" from Fox News, then of course you think that the only people in OWS are "hippies". Hippies? Did you just step out of a 40 year time warp?

      "And back in 2008, I wrote that when we will actually see change is when the people come, they set up camp, and they refuse to go home. That appears to be happening now.”

    • Todd, you are such a little tool.

    • "We just happen to have a whole lotta independents who agree with the 'baggers 100%."

      28% of Americans have a "favorable" view of the TP.

    • "If I lost my job, I would flip burgers if it was the only thing I could get"

      You'd default on your mortgage in 3 months, your wife would split, and you'd be marching on Wall St within days.

    • just out of curiosity, when was the last time you attempted to construct a logical argument in support of a meaningful point? it seems like it's been a while. you've got internet poisoning, and it's looking fatal.

    • baltbear Oct 14, 2011 5:46 PM Flag

      3 highly valid questions.
      :"What does that mean, exactly."
      pretty much just what i said. anyone who believes that rigged, non-transparent bets with them occupying extreme "moral hazard."
      hit a 7/11 for a thousand bux u get 5 years.
      so if u bk a company for $20mm--how much time shiuld you get?
      or how much adjustment do you make for the 7/11 heist? make it 10 seconds in jail?
      anyone who thinks they have a right to shrug and say "that's how it goes." as they walk away with the money.
      the active principle in lord acton's little letter/essay that gives the world "power corrupts, absolute powwr corrupts absolutely"--which was an argyument that white collar crime should be punished >>>far<<< more severely than street crime, since white collar crime is treason against the idea of a social contract.
      \:"Who do you go after? "
      previously here i have said, not at all facetiously, that executing henry paulson and allen greenspan on pay-per-view could help the budget deficits.
      since both are on the record saying the gov't had no biz investigating fraud, or creating transparency.

      start there.
      put the direct >>criminal<< liability on co-conspirators in equites the same way that homeland security does.
      that is, when xon lets mc252 blowout, charge every shareholder with criminal vandalism. see how long "corporate accountibility" takes to get real.
      in "occupy austin", in rick perry's texas, is the sign,
      "corporations cannot be persons until some of them are executed."
      i heartily agree.

      What do you want from them? "
      at all.

      i want the rules of engagement clear, transparent and equitable, exactly as i stated.

      that is...once the nypd wakes up and realises this is either not their fight, or they are on the wrong side, see how much champagne is drunk from the balconies.

      nb: i consider myself a pure capitalist. my first shareholders annual meeting was back when the prudential building was 2nd tallest in america, and the same guys that made univac sold tractors.

      as a pure capitalist i understand that there is no "free market"--after all, i am not free to buy and sell humans at auction....anymore. not because "slavery was outlawed"--but because the definition of "free" was renegotiated during 1861-65.
      the negotiation process was vigourous and protracted.
      so what? it's business.

    • Personally, I go for cashier work, as a former cashier at McD's and several other fast-food joints during my reckless youth. I was doing the snack bar cashier for the baseball team of one of my kids, and I've still got the ability to run a cash register, post-chemo. I wasn't sure. Seems to be like playing guitar or riding a bike.

    • <<But I'm with you, no honest work is undignified.>>

      I just think this is a great attitude. You and JG have a kind of mindset that I identify with. I think it has to do with how you were raised. My dad had the attitude that you do what you need to go to make it all work. If you have to shovel sh$t or dig ditches, then so be it.

      Yeah, it's not fair to have to graduate during this time and try to find work. That's life. Suck it in. I'm sure people graduating during the Great Depression weren't stoked about it either.

      Stop whining and complaining and get it done.


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