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  • coin612004 coin612004 Nov 19, 2011 10:14 PM Flag


    Our countries situation could get alot worse...We depend on our youth to succeed & keep the forward motion of progress going...Sadly,that is NOT the case...Below is a true story...

    Student(about 17yrs) goes to the HS main office,has an emergency & has to call home...Fine & dandy,call home...<MOM,my cell phone is DEAD,had only enough juice left only to get home # on my addy phone book...DONOT know now our home phone #,what do I do if an "incident"occurs???< MOM,borrow a friends cell phone...<I WANT a NEW CELL PHONE THAT WORKS!!!>...

    Yes,she was speaking loud enough for all in office to hear her 'emergency' phone call...Very sad today,young people canNOT add,canNOT read,canNOT spell,canNOT communicate except by text & worse canNOT think behind some diddly facebook entry...

    How do I know,Wifey volunteers @ the HS & handed her the phone for the emergency phone call...THIS is what has happened to our country & is TYPICAL of most all the teenagers,as well as GEN X,Y,& Z...GLWT...

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