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  • baltbear Nov 20, 2011 10:51 PM Flag


    evidently you don't know much about china.

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    • Balt,
      I have a Chinese student who lectures me about China for 2 hours every Sunday afternoon. Although she worked on the editorial staff of a Chinese Government official magazine for a number of years, before coming to the US and becoming a citizen, maybe she doesn't know much about China either.
      So what's your qualification?

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      • baltbear Nov 21, 2011 1:38 AM Flag

        an excellent 5 star question.
        1. 2 team members in china from whom i get weekly data on the actual statae of the chinese economy and polity;
        2. the ability to look at how a question is framed.

        that is, ask ur source for numbers actual comparable numbers to those criteria u gave, with special emphasis on various fake stats being put out by the chinese.
        1. ask her about the pork index
        2. ask her about the average work week
        3. the use of eminent domain by units of govt
        4. the suicide rate
        5. the 2 sets of books policies by bankers
        6. the equality of men and women outside the top 1% of the econ.
        7. the last time she figured publishing data >in chinese< about the tank man was a positive career move
        8. the number of wworkers "employed" in factories owned by the police agencies (hint: if u own an sks rifle, it was made in one)
        9. the number of uncolntrolled coal fires as part of china's carbon footprint
        10. the role of cadmium as a workable metal for jewelry.
        11. labor contracts at foxcon.
        12. quemaoi/matsu
        13. vietnamese concern over chinese naval cliams
        14, whether it's 50mm or 100mm people in rural areas without social safety net
        15; the number of children whose lead poisoning is diagnosed as poor ideology.

        that's a start.

        upon concrete answers, u and i can proceed to discuss the reality that while republitards cannot be trusted with american money, and their ideological ancestors were responsible for supporting chiang and his bandit island, there is a lonnnnng, longgggg way to go to bring the vision of sun yat sen towards reality, and the history of asia since the qin dynasty suggets that chinese "hegemony" has never quite been ready for prime time, even when it was--for 1k or so years, the richest country on the planet.
        one thing the chinese do have going for them, that woiuld be soo, sooo useful in american finance is the understanding of how efficacious the executioner's ground can be in promoting business ethics.

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