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  • baltbear Nov 21, 2011 6:05 PM Flag


    the question is >>which chicken<<.
    executing paulson, greenspan, a few others on pay-per-view would go a long way.
    if hitting a 7/11 is 5 years for like $200, then hijacking $100k thru "malfeasance" or "i just played the system" would be life without parole,
    and $ 100,001 a default capital crime.
    frinstance, madoff got about 1 minute per
    $250 he stole.
    fair enuff.
    when a guy hits a 7/11, stop him long enough to get his id, and he's served his time.

    that would be the "level playing field" phat cats are alwayas demanding,
    and an example of getting rid of unncessary regulations.

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