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  • strat58cat strat58cat Jan 20, 2012 3:19 PM Flag


    South Carolina

    No wonder Obama burst into song yesterday. With the Grinch back near the top, while his ex-wife describes his shenanigans and hypocrisy, and Romney taking it on the chin for his tendency to be tone-deaf about his taxes and some other issues, and Santorum so extreme on social issues that he opposes contraception - contraception - the Pub Presidential prospects are looking a little dim. Imho, Gingrinch never can win the Presidency, because blatant hypocrisy is worse than just being a skirt-chaser like Clinton was. Santorum never can win the Presidency, because it's not a small issue that he opposes contraception; he pushes his social views against Gay people, Schiavo, contraception. The current GOP's attacks against Planned Parenthood verges on obsession, and it's closely linked to the current GOP's virulent opposition to contraception. So Romney's the guy and he's got to be the guy, right? Except take a look at the current GOP and you'll see that he's not their guy. Santorum crossed with Paul is their guy, and that guy doesn't exist. Nobody reasonable or practical or with moderate views can expect to have an easy time getting the nomination in that party now. My prediction is that Romney gets beat in South Carolina, or eeks out such a narrow victory that it's meaningless. The Grinch and Santorum lack money, but it can show up. This can go on a while.


    More importantly, Eli Manning's been sick. Several other Giants are nursing injuries and not showing at practice. As well as the Giants match up against the Patriots, the Niners are another story. With Manning ill, pale, and limited at practice, how's he going to do against that fierce Niner defense? How's Ahmad Bradshaw going to do when he cannot even practice? I'm going with the Niners at home.

    The Patriots will take the Ravens. All year, with only a couple of misfires, the Patriots have looked good. They've also got their offensive coordinator back from Denver by way of St. Louis. The Ravens have the strong defense, but it's not clear they can get to Brady without blitzing. The Patriots defense suddenly showed up last week, and against a Denver team that had just embarassed the renowned Pittsburgh unit. I'm going with the Patriots.

    Superbowl? Patriots win it.

    Will any of these predictions pan out? Who knows?

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    • and two out of three aint bad.

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      • If you go back to the week before, I picked the Giants to go all the way to the Super Bowl, shocking the Packers and defeating the Patriots. I also picked the Niners to beat the Saints, Ravens over the Texans, and Patriots over Broncos. So I've actually only missed once since I started predicting football games. Manning's illness threw me. I knew he'd be the key and if he was under the weather they'd never be able to pull it off. Dude got healthy fast. Against an absolutely killer defense, he played really well even while the smashed him like 20 times. Now, I'm still picking the Giants to win the Superbowl over the Patriots, and so the Patriots should feel really good about their chances. Every call's been a wild guess, but you know every one had that 50% chance. It's the key to the CNBC guys. Then you've just got to trumpet any runs of luck. Picking football games here's been a really good way to understand CNBC pundits better.

    • Final prediction:

      Putin wins the March election in Russia in the first round against splintered opposition that gets a fraction of the votes Putin gets. Putin still is under 50%, resulting in voter fraud that angers 5-10% of the Russian people. Unless he becomes ill, Putin also wins the next "election" in 6 years. Outrage is muted by the fact that Putin actually does lap his opponents, even though he doesn't get as many votes as are claimed.

      In the event a Republican wins the White House, America deploys missile defense. If a Democrat wins, America does the same thing. Putin screams in outrage and makes a treaty with Belarus and a few other dictatorships he can find to try to recreate the Soviet Union, like it was doing so well that it had to break up.

      If a Republican or Democrat wins the White House, Iran eventually provokes America into crushing Iran's military and obliterating all traces of a nuclear program, in an awesome display of unprecedented military prowess. Putin screams in outrage.

      In response to his anger at not being able to dictate to the American government and the American people, Putin places missiles right next to Poland, threatening Germany.

      The Germans become outraged by the Russian aggression. America having terminated the Iranian nuclear threat, if a Republican or Democrat win the White House, finally pull the troops out of Europe. Germany re-forms the Wehrmacht and tells Putin to remove the missiles. Putin refuses and announces that he's cutting off all oil and gas to Europe. The German state announces that aggression against any Nato state will be met with aggression. The American government, having withdrawn from NATO under the leadership of Rand Paul, authorizes sales of weapons to all NATO parties, but not to Russia, since for the past 10 years Russia has continued to be a thorn in the side of the United States. Polish troops attack Russian troops along the border of the Russian enclave housing the nuclear missiles threatening Germany and Poland. In this dispute involving Polska Kielbasa, the Russians are routed. In response, Putin orders the newly re-equipped Russian army to invade Poland. However, the equipment was all sold out the back door, with much of the money ending up in Putin's own mattress. The Russian conscripts perform poorly. The Polish military, which is up to NATO standards, shoots down all the Russian planes and blows up the old Russian tanks. The Germans agree to come to the aid of the Poles, and the Poles are like - what? Didn't you notice the Russian army is in ruins. While Putin is holding a meeting to consider launching a nuclear attack, he's deposed and a blogger from St. Petersburgh is elected in prompt elections held by the military. Russia finally stops screwing around, 20 years from now, but only after causing a lot of trouble.

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