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  • pm_guru_1 pm_guru_1 Feb 12, 2012 6:05 PM Flag

    Warren and Charlie Monger HATE gold

    NO NO NOOOO!!! The sheople cannot be allowed to OWN REAL MONEY. Need them to stick to endlessly created pieces of paper backed by NOTHING. Let those idiots keep laboring and saving their blood, sweat, and tears in a broken bankrupt currency. A currency that is ONLY A PROMISE to pay! A BROKEN promise!

    Insurance companies LOVE inflation!!! They can accept premium payments in current money and then pay out claims in the future in DEBASED money!

    Warren Buffoon is a Khazarian SELLOUT who HATES Americans. Charlie Monger is a puppet for his Ziobanker masters.

    I have outperformed Warren by MANY multiples since I began investing several years ago. In fact, I have a larger percentage gain in the last year than Berkshire has had in OVER A DECADE!

    And that's without any GOVT insider trading info or high-yielding preffered payoffs.


    Dishonest whores and govt/banker propagandists need to be publically shouted down and rebuked for their lies and treason.

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    • Gold is the ONE INSURANCE THAT HE CAN'T SELL!!! No wonder he hates gold.

      Insurance companies like selling insurance for dollars NOW and then later paying off the claims using debased dollars.

    • I'd have to say at current prices I like SILVER the best. To me its a no-brainer at $35 vs. $1780 gold. The ratio should be more like 15:1

      Especially considering all the gold ever mined is still there in jewelry, coins, and bars whereas silver has all been frittered away and lost in non-recoverable applications. There are billions of ozs of silver in landfills that will never be recovered. There used to be 10s of billions of ozs of available silver, but now only a tiny fraction.

      Investor demand alone will be a new source of billions of ozs of demand. Industrial usage is massive and growing rapidly, especially in solar.

      I also like platinum and palladium more than gold because their stockpiles are very tiny vs. gold, and like silver, these are indispensable for society. Not only are PGMs far more rare than gold, they also are harder to find and more difficult and costly to mine. Much of world supply is in difficult and problematic jurisdictions like South Africa and Russia.

      If you think that PMs are overvalued, you are WRONG. Many marginal mining companies are barely profitable or not at all. Few companies are able to increase production meaningfully even with higher prices. Material, labor, energy, and other costs are thru the roof.

      Something REAL and time-tested for thousands of years is ALWAYS preferable to PROMISES than can never be repaid. Promises issued by LIARS and CHEATS whose words are less valuable than a pile of dung. Promises issued by BANKRUPT thieves and criminals. Even though they are BK, they are not insolvent thanks to endless money printing.

      "Hi my name is Ricky Bobby and if you don't invest in PMs then F**k You!" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL If you haven't seen Talladega Nights you won't understand that...

    • Well said.

      WEB has been treading water.

      BRK has gotten too big and WEB got played by Sokol.

      WEB trying to get eveyone into stocks to play the inflation game.

      WEB is married to inflation now snd he is knee deep in financials.

    • These two BSers a frightened of gold and Ron Paul as well as the establishment.


    • baltbear Feb 12, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

      according to you, you have no "gain"--just paper.
      now, if you wanna keep tossing rats' droppings and say everytime you do a trade, u convert it to gold coins and put them under your mattress,
      send your address and we'll find out what backs your wealth.

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