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  • ndavenport_mba ndavenport_mba Mar 15, 2012 11:00 AM Flag


    Stock price hardly moved in the past month while Berkshires underlying assets boomed. To wit:

    1. Stock portfolio increase $3B+ in value.
    2. BAC warrants up $1.2B.
    3. GS options up $600M+
    4. Derivatives up $5B. It is now clear borrowing a complete financial collapse that Buffet made $5B on that sale. The market is so far above any put price, you might as well just say Ka-ching $5B
    5. Operating business made another $1B, now their usual run rate.

    So in the past 30-days, I count 1-5 to add up to $10.8B in gains. Even Apple is not coming close to those kinds of numbers.

    As mediocre as the stock price is, the underlying businesses are killing it!

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