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  • syzygyzys syzygyzys Mar 20, 2012 8:31 AM Flag

    TTI acquires Sager Electronics

    I'm not sure what that link was supposed to prove. Sager does distribution. But they also design laptops and spec components. I know their chassis are made by Clevo, and Clevo and other companies may do other contract assembly for them, just like Foxconn and other contractors do assembly for Apple. Apple is still a manufacturer, not a "distributor", even if their stuff is assembled entirely by someone else. It's control of design, specification, and quality control that makes you a manufacturer, and Sager does all those things, not only for their own brand, but for others - there was a mini-scandal in the System76 forum a while back when it was pointed out that System76 notebooks are just Sagers with some slight firmware modifications - you can Google for that, if you want.

    Since we're posting links, here is one that supports what I am saying <a href="">Sager home page</a> You can see there that they provide warranties - not something a distributor does, and they fix their own machines and others. But above all, there is a phone number in the contact information. Call them and ask them. It won't take long and you will get the answer from the horse's mouth. Or take apart a few laptops and look for the Sager-specific components - probably not a good idea unless you happen to have access to a bunch of old broken ones, like I did.

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