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  • strat58cat strat58cat Oct 23, 2012 1:55 AM Flag

    Amazin' Debate

    In a shocking reversal, Romney clinched tight to every major Obama foreign policy position and endorsed each of them. The question is: why? Steele, now a GOP spin-doctor, claimed it was to take foreign policy off the table, since Romney has "so much momentum." It's a plausible scenario, but no it won't hunt. Romney's been posturing in the opposite direction for months of the general election. Why the sharp reversal now? IMHO, it's because the writing's on the wall. Romney knows he's done. Polls in the key states make clear that the President has a firewall that Romney cannot breach. Romney, like McCain, will be limited to the confederacy, the border states, and the big square rural states. Romney's abrupt reversals and his action of bringing his grandchildren to the debate to meet the President, demonstrate that at least in Romney's opinion Obama has this locked up. So now Romney's not positioning himself to drive base turnout or anything else. He's trying to avoid going down in history as a crank or a loon. Romney had a huge leg-up in his political career due to his esteemed parents, who were vocal and effective advocates for civil rights and equal rights for women. Romney seems to recognize that in positioning himself to be the nominee of the currently self-destructively dysfunctional GOP, he sank a lot of that goodwill. Now, it's about his kids. If they have political ambitions at all, Romney needs to be viewed as at least not a neocon crank. Although Gallup's "likely" adjustment to registered voters transforms a sizable Obama lead among registered voters into a Romney lead among "likely," Romney's campaign can see what's happening with early voting. Obama's voters show up. The GOP's AZ law and other moves have motivated them, and Obama himself and his strong organization do the rest. Tonight, Romney positioned himself to lose without having been a loon or a crank, for his kids and the Romney name. It was far less about trying to win with a last-ditch big effort, and far more about simply retreating from the fringe, in the interests of his family's legacy. It's too bad that Romney ran in 2012. He really wouldn't have been too old in 2016 - about the same age as Reagan. However, he needs to do something, not just hang around and right ill-advised op-eds. Since he lives in CA, I suggest that he, like even our own well-loved Governor Brown, look at the municipal level. Romney pretty clearly isn't ready to deal with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and China. That's all too apparent. Actually, he looked outright spooked about Pakistan. However, I think any municipality in CA would do well to have him as the Mayor. Romney's connections could help recruit industry, if only hedge funds. Hedge funds don't need to be over in the cold and miserable northeast Southern California's a great place for them. Just a suggestion.

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    • Strat, I agree, you should be concerned about 2016, if we have another four more years of Ozero's mismanagement of the economy and the weakening of America in general we will have a republiCON as president in 2016 guaranteed. Make no mistake, that guy won't be a moderate like Romney cause he won't have to be.

      I watched all three presidential debates and I still have no idea what Ozero's plan is to increase jobs in this CONtry and get the economy going again - which as far as I can tell is priority No. 4 or 5 on his list. You'd think that after four years on duh job he'd have figured out to make it priority No. 1 instead as it should have been from the first day he took office. Unbelievable.

      In the words of James Carville, It's the Economy Strat!

      Four More Years and Yes We Can!!!

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      • hi missed, bud, if obama wins we wont have another gop pres in my lifetime, maybe not yours either bro. WHO in the gop can win in 2016, palin, santorum, perry, while the CONtry gets more hispanic voters ? the gop had 4 years to build a platform that can win and they get an F, starting with #$%$ grover norputz, as in a party of freakin idiots !! Hillary or Bill would beat romney 55-45 maybe a lot worse ! take care bro.

    • mornin bud, you missed it. romney has to get 2 % of white women and men to flip sides to win, the economy is the only way to do it while being a moderate on the foreign affairs front. in a 51-49 CONtry either way you have to make deals, obama had 4 years , he won't, end of story.

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