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  • strat58cat strat58cat Nov 1, 2012 11:39 AM Flag

    Colin Powell and Chris Christie

    It's no accident that "Yankee" Pubs like Colin Powell - with an outright endorsement - and Chris Christie - with an endorsement about how Obama's handling Sandy - have fallen into line supporting the President. President Obama is seriously popular in what loosely can be called the Union states, including with white people. The media ceaselessly plays up a supposedly close election, but it's not close. In the Union, Obama wins overwhelmingly and has strong approval readings across the board. In the heart of the Confederacy - Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana - Obama's white support will probably be barely above single digits, since even in the midst of the 2008 economic collapse he barely broke 10 percent. This is not a close national election. It's an overwhelming Obama victory in the Union, and an overwhelming rejection of the first African-American President in the confederacy. So the election is decided by border states. We are like two countries now. The right has realized that there's no position so extreme as to lose the confederate base, and moreover that scorched-Earth is the course preferred by the electorate there - in rebellion, so to speak.

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    • mornin brky, as i told you the party of grover norputz , that tells 12 million hispanices to self deport, and doesnt know a women from a food stamp cant win a national election. Team romney got fewer votes than MC and Palin, pathetic !! Maybe in 2016 Santorum can run with Akin, lets see if Adelson supports that ticket too ? Trying to win by getting 70 % of the white male vote is moronic bro. Enjoy the free ride my friend, another 4 years on the couch is your ameriCON dream come true.

    • Strat, give up your Leftie California deep seated racism. Romney will win and Watts will riot... you dig that stuff don't you?

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    • mornin strat, powell, lol, the guy who CONvinced us sadam had spitballs of mass destruction, and we had to take them out, asap. yep, obama is having trouble because voters found out he isnt white. Turn off maddow and ed bro, she has lost her mind.

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      • You nailed it HC. I couldn't respond to your post about Zucks money on that thread but all I was saying is Zuck and all the employees can sell their stock and buy REIT's or Real Estate outright.

        Please answer my question: Are YOU a real estate man now? You could have and still can clean up by buying some rentals in the bombed out North Vegas area. I drove through there on my way down from Seattle about a month ago and everything still lookks ripe for the picking.


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