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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Nov 14, 2012 7:45 PM Flag

    Corzine hit the jackpot

    if you are going to be a lowlife theeef piece of KKakka from GS it pays to be a dem, non jew, you can take that to the bank !! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAmen.

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    • From Zero Hedge:

      It appears that these days not even the Corzining of client money can happen without it being split across furiously polarized party lines. As it turns out hours ago, the Committee on House Financial Services released an advance glimpse into a report to be released in its entirety tomorrow, which puts the blame for the collapse of not only MF Global, but also the disappearance of millions in client money, right where it belongs: the firm's then CEO Jon Corzine. Yet that Corzine corzined millions, leaving clients scrambling in bankruptcy court in an attempt to recover what should have been segregated money from the very beginning, and also just happened to blow up one of the 21 Fed-anointed Primary Dealers, is not surprising: this has been long known by everyone. Those who need a refresher are urged to recall the Honorable's testimony before the House... or maybe not: after all it is not as if Corzine himself could recall a whole lot. Where it gets interesting is that the former Democratic governor, and senator, not to mention primary bundler for president Obama, is, in the eyes of the members of the committee, innocent: All the democrats on the Investigations Subcommittee refused to sign off on the findings, meaning that to them, Corzine is completely innocent. That this is purely a political move is glaringly obvious. It is also abhorrent, because as long as political ideology gets in the way of pursuing and imposing justice, the Banana States of America will remain just that.

      HC, if loyal dems like Brkahoo keep silent on issues such as this will the swamp this CONtry has become ever be cleansed??? Four more years of silence from the likes of Brkahoo and his democlown CONpatriots encourages more of the same. Brkahoo, please tell me you're going to write your CONgressman to get some "justice" in this CONtry. Let's make sure we redistribute duh justice, hey? Hope & Change bro, Hope & Change!!!

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