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  • bumken_reatard bumken_reatard Jan 2, 2013 1:14 PM Flag

    Paul Ryan and Warren Buffett

    2 great minds.

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    • Lying Paul Ryan voted for a bill that had absolutely no government spending cuts (apparently there are spending increases in it too) and $600 Billion in new taxes. Well, well, well, Bunktard was right all along, who knew? Anyhow, we're all liberal democrats now, happy days are back again, spend, spend, spend.

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      • All this hysteria about the deficit is misplaced. In the near-term, solid economic growth for a couple of years, and a substantial trimming of defense spending as we finally leave Afghanistan to its own devices, will drop the deficit substantially. Ironically, big deficits are helping to ignite the growth we need, with the government acting as buyer (demand) of last resort, a role played since FDR through all brands of administration.

        Long-term, as Obama keeps saying as he insists he wants to compromise if anyone will take yes for an answer, we bring Medicare and Social Security medical and retirement benefits into line with the social-funding system that's worked since FDR. Contra the Randites, there's nothing inherently wrong with having these programs, and they are wildly popular. Benefits simply must be kept in line with funding. Some adjustments are needed to balance the equation, such as adjusting eligibility for all programs to reflect the increase in life expectancy from age 65 (not birth which is a red herring). IMHO, the eligibility age should rise proportionately to the increased life expectancy of Seniors, not of newborn babies. With respect to the Medicare eligibility age increasing, Obamacare provides the assurance that insurance will be available before that age. People who want to preserve these programs must insure that funding is above reproach, to defang attacks by the AynRandologues.

        Now, some of the MSNBC talking heads don't tell you this. They say it's so unfair to people who work. They want no adjustments to COLA calculations, even though the current version inflates the impact of inflation on the elderly, and no changes in eligibility ages. However, sensible people can understand what needs to be done to preserve these programs. The programs work. They've worked for generations. The system of society-wide funding works. The mix of benefits and social funding simply needs to be adjusted to reflect current reality and keep the benefits in line with the funding. This is no social crisis. All these programs need is a little adjustment.

      • George W. borrowed and spent on 2 wars. Obama learnt that Americans do not worry about borrowing, defecit and debt. Obama borrowed and handed over the money to the lazy and the addicted. Both will be out of office when the bills come due, as they have for Greece and others.
        I am sure Buffett has figured out what to do to protect us Berkshire shareholders. I think it is better than sitting in cash.

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      • I'm sure we've talked about how--measured by GOVT SPENDING w/rt GDP--the post-1980 GOP has been far more fiscally liberal than the post-1980 Dems. This includes Obama who has slowly trimmed Bush's final immense deficit.

        What animates you is TAXES. We're supposed to close our eyes to SPENDING. When someone who knows the numbers brings up spending, you just change the subject. But we've definitely talked.

        We talk, you change the subject, we talk, you change the subject, ad nauseam. But we have definitely talked.

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