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  • missedinvestment101 missedinvestment101 Jan 17, 2013 7:18 PM Flag

    Whole Foods CEO compares ObamaCare to Fascism


    Apparently Whole Foods CEO didn't get duh memo and said "ObamaCare is Fascism". Libs are having a field day, claiming they'll never shop there again. LOL, there goes the "save duh planet" premium and then some. I thought CEO's at least had to know their Customers. Most people that shop at Wholefoods vs the myriad of other grocery stores shop there for two principle reasons: 1. Perceived status symbol/prestige, 2 Believe they're doing their bit to save duh planet by shopping there. Note 1 & 2 are tightly interlinked. They are the same type of clientele that buy Prii (for those uneducated, that's plural for a prius) (while still driving SUVs) for duh same reasons.

    Seems to me that Whole Food's CEO need to learn from Buffett, who never said anything bad about Bush until he was out of office and whilst they're still in office supports the current administration unCONditionally!!! The logic is simple, no republiCON will boycott a Berkshire bidness if Warren says anything bad about Bush now (now being the operative word), and no lib will boycott a a Berkshire bidness if he doesn't say anything bad about Obama. Buffett gets it!!!

    Brkahoo, your opinion???? BTW, do you shop at Wholefoods?

    Oh and just to make sure I covered all the bases:
    1. Did you (collectively) shop at Wholefoods last month?
    2. Will you (collectively) be shopping at Wholefoods next month?

    P.S. I think we covered the SUV thingy some time back, so there's no need to go over old ground.

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    • I'm confused. I thought all of Obama's supporters were takers and leeches. Who knew Wholefoods does such a brisk food stamp business? Learn something new every day.

    • will be shopping at Whole Foods,not because of Mackay, but because of local jobs, even ytho ' employee wages average 10.81 cts per hour only.

      Mackay could take a leaf out of Costco and Starbucks business examples.
      he forgets the tax breaks,and infrastructure investments ,that enable him to be succesful.I shop at Costco for whatever I can.

      He forgets also that one of the reasons folks shop there is the helpful employee base in the stores.Don't want to contribute to job losses, but it's close, This is his second major attack on Obama - much more and I will be buycotting.

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      • [He forgets also that one of the reasons folks shop there is the helpful employee base in the stores.}

        Hummingbird I know, when I go in there CONstantly ask the staff, "if I buy this product will I be saving duh planet? Bizarre I know but I need the reaffirmation that I'm doing "good!'. The answer in the past has invariably been "Yes!!" and "Yes Sir!!! - It makes me feel warm all over. Lately though I've been getting weird looks when I ask the question. I'm starting to get the feeling the Whole Foods is being infiltrated by non believers.

        Hummingbird, on a serious note, ObamaCare hasn't fixed anything other than making healthcare more expensive than it already was. Before you buycott (love the term!) anything, make sure you understand why they're CONplaining and you've got the facts - not the BS propaganda headlines.

        BTW, wake me up when Obama starts pushing for universal health care. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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