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  • hjclasvegas6969 hjclasvegas6969 Jan 28, 2013 7:32 AM Flag

    Immigration Debate GearsUp

    front page wallstj, while the dems spend their time locking in 70 % of the hispanic vote getting ready for 2014-2016 and beyond , the savants will CONtinue to lie and say a tax cut for romney and friends from 15 % will be good for the other 90 % of the voters. I still say kudloww, norputzz and friends cant be that ignoranttt , no way, the DEMS have the goods on them all and they stay vocal to help keep the dems in the white house, or else they get outted. 350,000 filers or so have AGI above 1 million, MAYBE 1/2 are republiCONs, maybe 1/2 of them really think they need a tax cut, so the idiott savantsss lost the election over 50-75,000 voters who think 15 % MAX RATES on income in the 100's of millions is too high, lol. This group of fools is going to beat hillary, bill, and the obamas, you cant make this stuff up, no way. Get use to a one party CONtry on the national level and invest accordingly. The savants stood on that stage and PROUDLY said, not one dollar of new REV for 10 dollars in spending cuts, now they are on their knees begging for a one to one deal, too funny.

    20 more years !!

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