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  • coin612004 coin612004 Mar 2, 2013 8:00 PM Flag

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    on Yahoo to be terminated re:MSN homepage...Way it looks to me,NO dates...

    GLTA in 2013!!!

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    • After reading the replies NOT sure what Yahoo is doing on April Fools Day,LOL...
      In any case it's been a great ten years here,never had even one individual on ignore!!!
      As many have stated,was a great board to read & the insults were much milder...

      Leave you with an interesting quote:
      We are now in a world in which money is becoming the measure of all things...


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      • Yup, by investing $500,000 to a $1,000,000 in projects of well-connected US corporations, plus paying substantial attorney fees, foreigners can get a fast track to US citizenship. So far more than 29,000 foreigners have obtained visas in this manner, investing roughly $6.8 billion -- the bulk of it since 2008 providing cheap financing to U.S. developers.

        From Washington Post article, 3/21/13:

        "Ubly, Mich. — Sitting around the long, wooden kitchen table in their farmhouse on a Sunday afternoon, Rene and Judith Dekker were tired-eyed from rising before dawn to tend to their 1,200 dairy cows."

        "They looked like any other family here in rural Michigan, but they are Dutch citizens. And they are faces of a fast-growing U.S. visa program, in which foreigners can gain permanent residence by investing $500,000 in a U.S. project that creates at least 10 jobs."

        "The Dekkers sold their farm in Denmark and paid $250,000 for their farm in Ubly. They moved into their small white farmhouse in 2000 and started their new life with three young children, a couple of ramshackle barns and 70 Holsteins."

        "Over the next decade they slowly built barns, added milking equipment, hired a dozen employees, and bought fields to grow corn and hay to feed their expanding herd. They paid their taxes and put their kids in public schools. And they grew their farm into a 1,000-acre operation that is one of the largest dairies in the area."

        "But in 2011, worried that their teenagers would soon turn 21, they called an immigration lawyer in Detroit. "

        "In addition to the $500,000 investment, Dekker said he paid $84,000 for his lawyer, the advisory company, the regional center and visa application fees."

        "They are provisional for two years. At that point, if the Marriott project has created the promised 10 jobs, their green cards will become permanent. If the project fails, the Dekkers could lose their green card."

      • coin, YOU never used iggy ? lol, you must be married 50 years to read all the fruitcakes and nutjobs. good luck bud.

    • This place is a mere shadow of its former self. The wrecking ball around the corner was way past due. Where will the multiple ID psycho's migrate to after April 1st? There's gonna be some attention seekers going thru serious withdrawals.


      Sentiment: Hold

    • So long coin, davidyab, Toddfinances, HC, hummingbird, missed, and a cast of thousands. Or possibly just one other guy, who knows? The release says that Yahoo messageboards are going away at the start of April. I learned a lot here and made a lot of money and the free-flow of ideas was invaluable. Sadly, all things must pass and these BRK message boards already had faded badly as sources of good insight and information. Good luck to all!

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