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  • strat58cat strat58cat Apr 15, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Gold bugs on the windshield

    Remembering that it's better to look through the windshield than the rearview mirror, I checked it today and noticed goldbugs making a nasty mess. With the recent decline, gold's now reached a price-earnings ratio of . . . does not compute . . . gold has no earnings . . . So a Martian arrived and he checked gold prices and he said, "there's one born every minute." I heard.

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    • o BS u silly goose! :)

      now what exactly is an equity? most likely an ELECTRONIC manifestation no yes maybe??

      or for the technologicallt backward a piece of paper! gold is REAL! baby!

    • The main reason for the sudden crash is Cyprus. There are several thousand tons of Gold suddenly being sold for whatever price. It is all stolen goods by the Russians. They carted away the entire gold from the island and now it is up for sale in virtually every street corner where gold is peddled.

      Watch for massive downturn in every commodity and even the stock market. When people are scared they will do irrational things. A sell off is in the works. Gold will tank hard and fall below $500 per ounce before the end of this year...

    • Hey Strat, Hope you"re doing well.

      Don't cry for the PM investors, if you can't stand the volatility and play accordingly, you don't belong in that market.

      Does "Be greedy when others are fearful?' sound familar? Others are terrified. Bullish percentage index in PM stocks is 0! Buy! and GL

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