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  • hjctardblog716 hjctardblog716 May 9, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    funny thing, Q1 wasn't even that great a Qtr. BNI was light. Insurance filled with good #s that mostly don't seem so repeatable

    But hey, who K-K-Kares about duh Qtr?

    We want to hear about Duh BernanK & HeadCaseLV has an outrage he needs to blow hard about.

    same as it ever was since YHOO laid off everyone who had any responsibility for K-K-Killing spam


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    • S&P seems to notice same thing about Q1 that I did. Go figure.

      S&P says BRK too reliant on INsurance. Non-insurance businesses generate most of its operating income, but aside from the insurance subsidiaries only Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC has provided a significant part of its total dividends.



      ps: I know what they "mean" but KriKey, Kould these people be any more stupid? Do they all K-K-kome from Duh Disastuh IN Nevaduh or Texasinine?

    • Selling everything @ $90 and loading up on AAPL was still not smart, mr. Nutcase.

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      • let us K-K-Kount duh ways of sKrod's lies & ignorance ...

        1. I sold BRKa on on 1st day of 2013 b/c I loaded up on MKL in late Dec2012 below $440. I went into margin loading up on MKL below $440 in late Dec. MKL owns a lot of BRK and I never stay on margin long, so I sold BRK when it popped.

        2. I sold BRK above $92. I doubt it traded at $90 in 2013. I sold BRK above $92 & the K-K-Kombo of owning BRK & then buying MKL below $440 and later selling BRK above $92 has a greater return than just holding BRK the whole way. Pre-tax return. K-K-Konsult a tax aKKountant for more info.

        3. I bought AAPL at avg Kost very slightly above $200, as anyone here with a brain would know. You? You're #$%$ outta luKK.
        I did buy some AAPL around $550 but I sold those above $650 & I later sold almost half my $200 Kost AAPL at $510 or so. I haven't touched it since selling those at $510. Tim I-shoulda-been-a Cook leaves a LOT to be desired.


        * to just another fumbduKK lying moron on duh internet

        ps: I shoulda stayed on margin in 2013. DOH! You? You shoulda run away from home before they dropped you on your head so many times.

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