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  • axpkocop axpkocop Jun 21, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    Grandma Buys more IBM @ $196/sh

    IBM has moved into her top 10 for the first time to number 8.

    Note-She sold 40% of her SYA holdings at $15.4/sh and used her cash reserves for the purchase. She also has a bond maturing in early July that will replenish her cash back to 1%.

    She's currently 80% equities, 20% bonds and enough cash to pay her fixed monthly distribution later in the month.

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    • My Farm account had some IBM shares put to me today @ 200/sh but the option adjusted cost basis is about 196/sh.

      Top 10 holdings in my farm account: 1 BRK 16.4%, 2 LO 12.7%, 3 IBM 8.4%, 4 USB 5.7%, 5 PM 4.6%, 6 COP 4.5%, 7 AIG 3.7, 8 SYA 3%, 9 NSC 2.6, 10 MSFT 2.5%.

      It's 80% equities and 20% bonds and cash.

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      • Same thing happened in my personal account- option adjusted cost of shares put to me is about 195 because I was short both naked puts and calls.

        I sold some of my DECK shares at 51.5/sh and used cash on hand to purchase the stock.

        I still plan to double this position but I'll have to do it slowly because I'm running short of cash.

    • Sold 20% of my BRK shares in IRA #5 at 113.1/sh and initiated a position in IBM at 195.2/sh

      This account is currently 61% BRK, 17% IBM, 15% PG and 7% WFC.

      This is only the second trade in this account since its inception over 15 years ago. The WFC shares were purchased at around 20 when a CD matured in 2009 or 2010. The only other trade other then todays, was the sell of some UST to buy G which later became PG-that turned out to be a bad mistake because UST was later bought out..

    • Doubled my IBM stake in IRA #4 to 6%- paid $195.09/sh.

      This stock should be trading at 250 with 10 year bonds still yielding under 3%.

      It trades at 13 times earnings, has earning's growth of 10% and has a 2% dividend yield. Look out above.

    • AXP,if you mean paying RMDs,pay mine every Dec First(before year end) & avoid all the assorted scrambling for April 15th...GL w IBM...

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      • No I'm talking about cash for her monthly living expenses which also includes estimated quarterly taxes. Currently this account pays out about 1/3 of her monthly income needs with the balance coming from another account that is slowly being liquidated.

        Since March of 2006, when this account was opened, she's doubled her money which when you consider the crash of 2008 and 09 she's done OK. Also, she now earns enough through dividends and interest to live on regardless what the stock market does which is impressive because her largest position is BRK which pays no dividend.

        In other news-Go Beavers!

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