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  • strat58cat strat58cat Sep 26, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

    HW Bush and a GOP Resurrection?

    He witnesses a same sex wedding up in Kennebunkport. That's no southern fried GOP. That's yankee stuff. Any chance the GOP returns to sanity now that Cruz jumped the shark? IMHO, a GOP that is prudent, restrained, rational, live-and-let-live on social issues, pro-defense, pro-only-non-deleterious taxes (as in sales and VAT not income) to fund social services people want is incredibly important for the country. The current southern fried GOP has no future outside of the south and rural states and much of the leadership knows it. If they shut down the government or force a default over Obamacare, that's the end of them. Plus, in about a week the people - who are busy watching Dancing With The Stars and only see headlines and hear rumors - begin to find out that all this big Obamacare bugaboo does is let them by insurance that can't be cancelled on exchanges, and give them money! So this is so terrible? Then the current crop of scoundrels and extremists begins to look like the boy who cried wolf. They lose credibility, and then their jobs. Suddenly, those 40+ votes they took become a rapier that's slicing them. The President is using it now. Ruh roh. So ditch the opposition to Obamacare that they only adopted as a short-term tactic until it ballooned in the echo chamber as the "base" had no idea what it was but heard it was bad. Move on to issues that make sense. There's always hope for the GOP.

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    • baltbear Sep 26, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

      "Any chance the GOP returns to sanity now that Cruz jumped the shark?"
      No. None at all, until they are removed from office by whatever means are actually effective.

    • You"re on to something.
      Unreported in the liberal media is the huge push by the Far Left, upsetting the Obama agenda. The leftist whack Jakob's, led by grannie fake Indian Liz Warren nixed Obamas Syria plan AND nixed his choice for Fed Chairman, Summers. The far left is impacting the center left White House in a new, more powerful way than the nutcase far right tea party is impacting Repubs.
      Centrist Repubs smell opportunity. Stay tuned.
      The battle for the middle is on.

    • bro, to get the nomination in the republicon party you have to be to the right of the pope on the social issues, Hillary wins easy, 56-44 or so, if she runs with a Harold Ford type guy, 58-42. The party of morons, idiots, grover norputz, and savants cant get 51 % of the national vote, no way.

      20 more yrs !

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